🚨Horrible Today: Hawaii Volcano on America,Massive Eruption Warning With more 1,000 quake Per Hour.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, eruptions are inevitable. It has four active volcanoes – Hualalai, Maunakea, Mauna Loa and the very active Kilauea – cycling through periods of sleep and unrest. Most lie dormant – some for decades, others for hundreds or thousands of years – but magma still flows through their crypts. These movements can trigger thousands of small earthquakes per year, telling scientists that the volcano is indeed still alive, For a long time, from 1984 to 2018..

volcanic eruptions on Pulau Besar have been stuck in the eastern corner of the island at the Kilauea volcano, leaving the rest of the island unaffected by its flow. Locals and tourists alike have become safely accustomed to watching Kilauea’s lava flow emanating from the eastern rift zone at Puu Oo Crater and visiting the peak of Kilauea to see the red glow of the lava lake of Halemaumau crater. But in 2018, the status quo changed when Puu Oo collapsed and the Halemaumau lava lake dried up, marking the end of that 35-year eruption.

Although Kilauea has continued its peak eruption at Halemaumau crater, the increasing number of earthquakes has turned attention to Kilauea’s sister, the enormous Mauna Loa volcano.Mauna Loa has erupted 33 times since 1843 – every five years on average,” the National Parks Service says on its website. “Over a longer period of time, the last 3,000 years, it is estimated to erupt every six years. The last eruption at Mauna Loa, however, has not occurred since 1984, nearly 40 years ago, so public anticipation of an eruption builds every time the volcano moves.