2019 IRONMAN World Championship – Kona, Hawaii

Check out the race day highlights from the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

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  1. I’m training for my first sprint triathlon. Today I just completed a 5k race, a 15 mile bike and 1/2 mile swim (not in succession). I’m tired and sore. I can’t fathom what it takes to complete the Kona. I’m not 10 minutes into this and I’m teary just knowing how f’n hard it must be.

  2. The narrator needs voice rises and drops, acceleration and deceleration, … too monotone. The ones I’ve seen in the past had it down perfectly. But the music was almost nonexistent this time, so I don’t know if that affected it.

  3. I qualified last week at Ironman Cairns, I paid my money but ill probably have to pull out as we arent allowed to travel from Australia yet 🙁 Ive been trying for 12 years. Hope they let us defer or ill have to qualify again!

  4. This documentary is a masterpiece. Exceptionally well done. Brought tears into my eyes and at the same time has re-fueled my drive and dedication to train better than ever and set a goal for 2022. I will become an Ironman!!! Future me, watch!!!!!

  5. I competed this race in 1984 and Ironman Hawaii is as empowering and spectacular now in 2021 as it was then. Every Ironman triathlete should have the opportunity to take on the challenge of Kona. Unforgettable no matter how long it takes you to finish..

  6. From one Ironman to everyone out there….we have a saying in the triathlon world. It's not you CAN do this. It is "You WILL do this!" Now get out there! Swim, ride your bike and run, run, run!

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