50 FOOT FREE FALL!! Jungle Park in Hawaii with ADLEY & Family! Ultimate Obstacle Course and Zipline

watch for piggies ๐Ÿท

LET’S BE FRIENDS — https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s another super fun day in my favorite place ever.. Hawaii ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we went to a Zipline park in the jungle! When we got there we had to put a crazy harness on so we wouldn’t fall! I have never been on a zipline before so I was a little nervous.. but I was brave and decided to face my fears! We climbed up some stairs to a super high platform above the trees.. it was like 45 feet tall! The first zip line we did was SO much fun and not as scary as I thought! After our first run we found a piggy family with a little baby piggy that we could pet! We did a couple more ziplines, then it was time for a super fast ZIPLINE RACE! ADLEY vs VLOG… Dad and Mom gave us the countdown 3.. 2.. 1.. GO! I felt like I was going REALLY fast but the Vlog still beat me! I think vloggy cheated and got a head start! Then it was Mom and Dads turn to race.. and Dad won! Then, we got to a SUPER TALL tree house obby (Obstacle Course) above the trees! I felt so brave being up so high! One of the obstacles was a giant teeter totter that I had to walk across, and one was a giant rope bridge! The last part of the obby was the craziest part… we had to JUMP OFF! It was so spooky but SO fun because they had a special rope to lower you down slowly! After the Obby me and Dad did one last Zip Line race.. I told dad that if I won he had to buy me a cool Shark tooth necklace from the store! Dad was winning at first but then I kicked my legs to speed up and beat him!

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