A plea for respect as Hawaii prepares to welcome back vaccinated visitors starting Nov. 1

A plea for respect as Hawaii prepares to welcome back vaccinated visitors starting Nov. 1

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  1. Lol! Being “fully vaccinated” does not mean you can’t carry and spread covid. Being fully vaccinated only benefits yourself (supposedly) . So why are they acting like they are making decision that keeps anyone safe? So silly.

  2. Fully vaccinated only pls , 72 hour negative covid test , not reliable , they might get infected and infect others after 72 hours , so it should be fully vaccinated tourists only , It’s time to open the economy and learn to live with the pandemic like other countries are doing and re opening 🙏🙏

  3. There are many locals who hate tourists. They say tourists create traffic, etc. Tourists have nothing to do with the traffic. Traffic is the cause of families here having 4-5 cars each. And I have no sympathy that your kids have to live somewhere else. Most people in the whole world had to move somewhere else to find jobs. Travel more and talk to people to learn REALITY. And CHINA brought the virus here which was deliberately created in the Wuhan lab and distributed via tainted test swabs from China.

  4. Here's is another law Hawaii is violating.

    United Nations
    Chapter IV
    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    16 Dec. 66 (02 Oct 77 USA Ratified)

    Article Seven prohibits experiments conducted without the "free consent to medical of scientific experimentation" of the subject.

    To give informed consent the subject…must be in possession of all relevant facts. (i.e. safety, risk).

  5. How about Oahu's tyrannical government start respecting it's citizens who pay taxes but can't use most services without getting the illegal JABBY "mandate" (edict) or having to spend money every two days to get a stupid covid test just to use the library or eat inside a restaurant, etc., etc., etc…? How about that?

  6. In the last 60 days, nearly 3500 people have died from Covid in the U.K..
    Only 701 weren't vaccinated!
    Your vaccines aren't working, anywhere.
    Covidiots! We tried to warn you.

  7. A plea for respect, from hoel'e hating dogsht. KMA. Lowest ranking education system in the nation, and boy does it show, big time. All the hood garbage,burnt cars on the beach, the piles of trash only being picked up by hoel'e . Pleas for respect, lol check yourselves kamaaina

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