1. I'm doing my 7th jump this Saturday (Sept. 29th 2018) and I can't wait! How high did you day this jump was? Sounded like 40,000 the first time I heard it, but you'd have to have air for that and HALO jumps are 30,000 and very expensive like thousands of dollars so I listened again and it sounded like 14,000. Awesome though, I love it. I've made it a yearly ritual for myself. This is my 5th year in a row and I did 2 jumps 11 years before I started going annually. My view isn't nearly as nice though, I go way SW of Chicago over farms. Very nice view you had man. Congrats! Hopefully you go again!

  2. CORRECTION: Our Tandem Jumpers Were DOP (Not Rod) and Christian… not Rod and Christian as referenced in the credits…

    DOP was awesome – has over 24 thousand jumps – and jumps barefoot! Love it!

  3. I am curious about the smaller initial parachute?? I have been skydiving and we just had free fall until the big one, I am fairly certain. This video seemed like it really stretched out the experience. It looked amazing!!!

  4. GREAT video David !! I've watched a lot of these videos, but this is by far the best. If nothing else made me want to try this, the huge smiles on your faces would be enough. What a cool experience and WHAT A VIEW !! I've been a pilot fot three decades and been a firefighter just as long, but THIS has to top any adrenalin rush ever experienced. Thanks for sharing !!

  5. Sick times man. I did my first two jumps this summer, and I'm looking forward to more next season. The anticipation of waiting and the rush once you're out the door…it's unreal.

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