BLACK BEACH SAND CASTLE!! Fun Routine with my Hawaii Princess Adley :)

The ultimate adventure with our friends The Bucket List Family in Hawaii


Best Beach Day Ever 962

Today we are taking you on a family fun journey with us!! We are on the Road to Hana, this beautiful drive you take to get to these amazing black sand and red sand beaches in Hawaii. We invited our homies The Bucket List Family to come with us so and give a tour of the place from a locals perspective. Adley is so excited she can hardly stay in her seat.
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Stop number one is this amazing hidden waterfall with a rope swing. We have to use team work do get the rope, but once we do its a blast. Swinging and cliff diving off the rocks is so much fun, but when the rope gets stuck, Garret has to mowgli into the trees to get it. Adley as a blast swimming like a mermaid, as a family we swim over to the waterfall so Adley can touch on for the first time.

Our next stop is to a smaller waterfall, but when we get out of the car we find some roosters, like Hei Hei in Muana, and Adley’s Disney princess dreams come true as she pretend plays with this farm animal in Hawaii!

The trip continues as we keep going to more and more beautiful spots, it basically becomes routine after a while. We get to black sand beach and this place is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. After exploring the beach and an abandoned cave, Adley and I pretend play Barbie as we make a sand castle home. We finish the day going to the beautiful private red sand beach where we swim and have so much fun. This is exactly the kind of best day ever I was hoping to have on this trip and it delivered huge!!

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