BYU Hawaii's Leftist Administration and Critical Race Theory Class

Higher Administration Includes a “Marxist” and Critical Race Theorists – More Soon to Come
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BYU Hawaii leftists have moved into higher administration positions and are in charge of curriculum, hiring, and policies.

The new hiring filter, “Living Lab” is above and beyond an already complete non-discrimination policy at BYU Hawaii. It is used to hire more “like-minded” faculty.

Classes include History of Surfing and Hawaiian Studies seen through a Marxist lens (description from the professors) and a Critical Race Theory class called, “Introduction to Antiracism” with assigned readings from Ibram Kendi which now apparently has a new title.

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  1. Those who use the word "diversity" mean nothing of the kind. What they actually mean is that certain elements of worldliness are to be equally accepted among those whose standards would otherwise prevent Babylon from entering in.

  2. People need to keep in mind that BYU Board of Trustees consists of the Russell M. Nelson and several of the 12. Elder Holland stated, "President Nelson chairs our Board, holds our purse strings, and has the final “yea” or “nay” on every proposal we make from a new research lab, to more undergrad study space, to approving a new pickup for the physical facilities staff!"

  3. BYU-H is a fantastic school but you are right, certain disciplines not only teach about Marxist and post modernist ideas but encourage the practice and belief. BYU-H puts such high emphasis on diversity, perhaps it should evaluate why most of the international students study business or a science and not a major in humanities. It could be that the business and science departments teach marketable skills over political ideology.

  4. Just a reminder, the first Presidency literally called President Kauwe to be the university president. He didn’t apply for the position. They were the ones who made the decision. They also approve all curriculum here. So uh. Take it with Elder Holland.

  5. Is this taking place in BYU USA, if not then the course programs should be the same, if no one in monitoring inconsistencies & incongruencies in programing offered in a very different location of the worldly 🌎, who want appartide from the creators beliefs

  6. Glad your bringing this to the light of concerned parents & students, who are awakened to this hidden propaganda.
    This credical thinking was egnore by scientists & medical Drs on Covid19 treatments

  7. Your to play by their rules that are loosely made terms to manipulate accusations of blame game. I wouldn't take this program of brain washing, I'm very careful choosing my electives & professors, through 🙏

  8. I am a student at BYU-H. It greatly saddens me that the environment, the curriculum, and the people of this school have been so poorly understood.
    You question the need for diversity and inclusion when anti discrimination is established. Christ not only taught to not discriminate (Matthew 7:1), but to also love (John 13:34), unite (D&C 23:7) and to welcome (D&C 58:9). These principles are encouraged through diversity and inclusion. The mission of diversity is because this is a world wide church, one that is meant to be in the world and not of the world.
    We are an international school; our school population is from countries that do not have the same political climate, nor the same social progress as the US. It is an egocentric mindset to assume that this school’s curriculum is just for the political agenda of the US, & although this class focused on the US, the teachings are meant to apply to all societies.
    We must recognize we live in a world that unfairly judges and the societal, economical and governmental systems portray that (“And there have been injustices. In public actions and in our personal attitudes, we have had racism and related grievances.” (Oaks, 2020). Our students are meant to go and fix these systems, which is why there is a need for classes that teach it. We are meant to go forth and serve; to “promote world peace and international brotherhood, to address world problems” (BYUH Vision) and to influence “the establishment of peace internationally” (McKay’s Dedicatory Speech).
    This school and the teachings are preparing students to not just be in the world, but to do our part in the work of God to improve on the world which we have been placed charge over. Our curriculums are preparing us for this mission.
    I kindly ask that you do not use Christ’s name to push your own political opinions. You say “leftist” as if the Gospel is a political party. As said by President Oaks (2021), “we encourage our members to refrain from judging one another in political matters. We should never assert that a faithful Latter-day Saint cannot belong to a particular party or vote for a particular candidate.”
    We are a world wide church, one that is filled with diversity. Our members are disciples of different races, nationalities, political parties and sexualities, but each are needed. Our school’s mission is to help them feel safe and welcome in the fold of Christ. Every one of us, regardless of differences, are flawed and must be welcomed in. We are all needed; “the Church wants and needs you. Yes, we need you!” (Ballard, 2021). It is unfair and unChristlike to believe that people different from ourselves do not have a place. Lastly, as Carol McConkie (2016) said, “The gospel of Jesus Christ does not marginalize people. People marginalize people. And we have to fix that.” I ask you to please understand our school’s attempts to do just this.

  9. The separatism part isn't surprising. Every Hawaiian I've met had distrust of mainlanders and even said things like they would be better off as their own kingdom again.

  10. I don’t mind diversity, as long as we just let it occur naturally. Unfortunately, people are trying to force it on us. I’m a minority, but I don’t care much about diversity, especially when it’s forced. I agree with the other person, we should stop wasting tithing on the education business because it’s being overrun by lefties.

    Sunday aft — June 5, 2022.

  11. Wooowww… So you mean to tell me that one of the Lord's schools is teaching a class whose ideology not only teaches that you should be ashamed to be white, which in and of itself is racist, but the founding fathers word themselves raging racist despite the fact that D&C 101 tells us that the Lord himself established our constitution by the hands of what he calls wise men for that very purpose? Someone really needs to talk to the brother and. This is absurd, ridiculous, and might I add straight-up satanic. This goes beyond BYU. If it infiltrates the minds of the students that will infiltrate the minds of the church. This is exactly what the adversary wants.

  12. I really appreciate your work, Greg. Far too many people ignore the issues trying to be nice and non-political. As you demonstrate, the discussion does not have to be mean or contentiius, but is critical (no pun intended) for our individual salvation. It'a also nice to run accross more and more leaders from the rest of the Christian world picking up on this. I just watched a really good presentation by a Mike Winger, titled "The Hidden Unchristian Belief of TOP Progressive Christian Influencers" (YT doesn't like links). He has done a good job breaking down exactly how Progressivism is working to modify Christian beliefs. While there are some obvious differences in theology, he nails many of the issues very clearly in a way I haven't seen detailed bfeore. He doesn't get into liberation theology, bit he gets into some specifics on core concepts – such as how the word love is misused.
    As we develop these ideas and break them down for people to see, I think there's a better chance of innoculating people against this pernicious virus.

  13. Wheat and tares have to grow together. Go look at what happens in the end. (JST Matthew 13:39-44). I am also reminded of the parable of the ten virgins and how applicable that is. It was repeated in the Doctrine and Covenants 7 times. Truth will always triumph over evil! I have confidence in the brethren and they need our help. We must continue to pray and establish Zion at all times. Christs doctrine will triumph over Critical race theory and those who do not treasure up the word and take the Holy Spirit for their guide will be decieved.

  14. I have watched many of your videos on this topic over the last 4-5 months, though I’m certain I have not caught them all. I have watched for the purpose of trying to understand this topic from your perspective, because many I know seem to share your same feelings and beliefs in this area. I believe that trying to understand where they are coming from can only help in this situation.

    Have you looked at this issue from the other angle? Have you interviewed and spoken with individuals who share what social injustices look like from their vantage point? If so, I would love to find and watch those videos.

    Respectfully, I feel that much of the content you present on this topic is looking beyond the mark. But I know I have not heard all of your content. Just wondering if there are presentations you can direct me towards where you speak with individuals who speak of how systemic social injustice has impacted them, and continues to impact them. Thanks.

  15. Why does this feel like buzzwords and whataboutisms? So much is said and so little of it has any true substance. Maybe you just have to say you don't like diversity? Something, something, the church was better when certain people couldn't have the priesthood. If division is something you are so against then why is diversity and inclusion something you are talking so badly about?
    As a current student of the university in question there is so much that you are missing. I really have to doubt the sources that you claim to have and that anything said can be in good faith. Though I really can't thank you enough for helping me find the last credit hour I had to enroll in for next semester. I've only heard wonderful things about the professor and can't wait to be indoctrinated… not that the church hasn't tried to indoctrinate me too.
    Back to being a woke sjw snowflake marxist leftist liberal feminist fruitcake… what were the rest of those titles again? Oh well… Hell is that way and I'll see myself out.

  16. I went to the professor you are talking about. He’s watched it. We talked about it. I’m taking his class in the fall now because of this video. Talked with the administration to you’re questioning. One of the blessings of being at a university this small and intimate and transparent with the students.

    I learned a lot more about this university myself and I’m so glad I transferred here. It’s strengthened my testimony in Christ and his gospel, the power of the Atonement, and the truth of the scriptures. Thank you for sharing

  17. For those of you saying that CRT = antichrist doctrine, please tell me where you got that information. I want to know your genuine resources that prove CRT and teaching anti-racism is against church doctrine (not principle. Remember there is a difference between doctrine and principle)

  18. This is very disconcerting to say the least and I'm wondering if the First Presidency of the Church are aware of this at all? Have you tried reaching out to them to sound an alarm to this dangerous situation affecting our church schools? I hope you have Mr. Matsen! Thank you for shedding a light on this very serious problem in our Church Universities!

  19. I appreciate the thoroughness of your research and the completeness of presentation to the point where I can't see any ground you have left for them to stand on.

  20. I'm sure everyone has a different experience, but I'm taking my first political science class this term. Our course materials are primarily U.S. founding documents and Freedom in America by William Muir. Given that "Introduction to Antiracism" died inchoate, I wouldn't give up on BYU-Hawaii too fast.

  21. I am curious as to why you keep saying “unlike BYU Provo” while talking about the administration of BYUH promoting CRT.
    Wasn’t President Worthen’s immediate response to Elder Holland’s call to defend BYU as a Christian institution to celebrate and promote the opening of the Office of Belonging at BYU? Doesn’t that give the official stamp to promoting and enforcing this CRT garbage on campus?
    As an employee, observing what is happening on that campus and among the students has sickened me. I know so many who have worked there for decades who have lost all hope and whisper to each other while looking fearfully over their shoulder that they just hope they can retire before it all goes entirely to hell.

  22. "Leftists", "Marxists", "Crits"…etc. We need a catchall name for these people. "Luciferians" probably works better since their ideology is based in equity justice, the doctrine Lucifer taught during the war in heaven.

  23. Thank you for more enlightenment about our church schools. Of course defunding the police plays into the WEF and leads to a federal police force leaving no one with courage to protect the citizens. Another shade of Hitler coming our way.

  24. When I was a Grad student 25 years ago, I was taught Crtical Femminist Theory. Essentially the same as CRT but with a fosus on gender and oppression. But it was a 1 week discussion in a semester long course. It did not include any of the practice elements of these CRT courses. It was not an undergrad 100-level course. My point is that 1 or 2 weeks seems appropriate for exposure, but a full semester isn't about exposure it is about indoctrination.

  25. BYU Education Week will be here in just a few months. I’m willing to wait and see what is said and done about this, if anything is, then. Something must be done soon, this is abusive to the faithful tithe payers of the church paying for this propaganda, and it’s abusive to the students and their families. Really starting to feel like Satan is using the church schools to undo the church, or at least these poor young students who deserve better.

  26. I guess I'm just too old. I watched the civil rights movement on the news. I listened to Martin Luther King Jr. speak live. I watched the college riots, the shooter in the tower at the University of Texas in the 1960's. I watched the enforced integration and saw the frightened faces of the little children as they were taken to a new school for them. I remember a presidential candidate preach segregation and then losing – thank goodness. I cried tears of gratitude in 1978. I had friends from many different races and it was never an issue. I witnessed real progress in the making. What's happening now is destroying over half a century of progress in the right direction. Marxism fails. It always has and always will. I am just sickened by what's happening now and how so many children, teens, and adults are being manipulated and used. Was our country ever perfect? Of course not. But now, it seems that many are bent on destroying it.

  27. Very well done, Greg!
    Thank you for bringing this topic out into the open!
    You specifically excluded the president of BYU-Hawaii from your presentation, and I appreciate your probable reasons for doing that, but I do hope that at some point in this series you will tell us all what actions he(?) is taking to correct these horrific problems.

    It's truly and deeply disturbing how much marxism/communism have crept into the various Church organizations. Even a lot of the authors writing for Church publications (e.g., Meridian, Public Square, Deseret News) are so confused that they've completely lost sight of the truth about these things. While I know there must be a reason for it, the fact that even the Church leaders do not come out clearly enough to cut off all of the nonsense really appears only to add fuel to the confused people to push them ever farther away from any possibility of waking up. The clip you played in this video from President Oaks should be sufficiently clear on that particular point, but I find it very difficult to agree that they should not be far clearer yet, and simply (clearly and definitively) condemn all of the nonsense. In the past, they (the leaders at those times, obviously) have often come out to condemn certain (the most serious) sins clearly and plainly. Why don't the leaders now also clearly and plainly condemn the sins of the wicked that are behind all of these movements and campaigns? (That's a rhetorical question of course, but if anyone actually happens to know the true answer, I really do want to know.)

    They wouldn't have to name names or anything simply to state the obvious facts that "someone" is trying desperately to destroy our freedoms, and that "those people" HAVE to be stopped, and that WE have to stop following along with the lies and scams in order to stop "those people" from succeeding in their evil plans.
    Someone of the current leaders PLEASE learn from President Benson, and SPEAK CLEARLY AND OPENLY.

    We need the Church at least to ignore the garbage of the evil-doers, and to live freely, honestly, in reality.

  28. Another GREAT discussion Bro. Greg! Of all the Universities in the world- we should expect all BYU Professors to endorse Gospel truths in every subject they teach – no matter what the lesson is about. Good grief- I felt bad for the students that couldn’t disagree without getting a bad grade! Now that is wrong in my opinion.

  29. Probably going to catch flak for this, but in my eyes this is the fault of the LDS church as well as BYU. Weak and incompetent Apostles as well as other leaders tolerating other views and let non Mormon students attend BYU / faculty teach at BYU under the grounds of being "Christ Like".

    If members really were concerned about a solution to this, they would immediately terminate all non Mormon faculty and expel all Non Mormon students and double down on their religious beliefs and values, while breaking the will of weaker members and forcing them to comply with the religious standards and values or be punished in an equal manner (just an opinion).

    To continue said opinion, there's nothing to complain about. This was allowed to develop and now we see the end result which is now being desired by more and more people.

    I truly enjoy watching your show and hearing your perspective, but to be frank (and careful since I know most people here love and adhere to the teachings of the LDS church) I can't believe I personally joined in the first place with such weakness in the current membership (I admit I'm bitter, no issue with church doctrine, just sick of many of the members).

    Said it before and I'll say it again, people can say what they will about Islam, Hindus like myself, and other religions / belief systems that exhibit responses to antithetical views of which many Americans consider to be extreme. These problems (referencing the appearance of values antithetical to the respective belief system) don't exist, because we know how to eliminate them (yes it's bloody and no, we aren't sorry).

    Almost wondering if that's why Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion along with so many others turning to Hindu practises (or just outright leaving). Perhaps (and I'm speculating here) that they see a consistency and strength behind such cultures where people such as myself instead of trying to apologise for dark points in history or questionable statements made by leadership double down and go on the offensive. Sure it's brash and audacious, but it's also pure honesty and everyone knows what they will get.

    Also curious as to whether or not this will trigger a faith crisis in some current members, with CRT and politically liberal messages taught at BYU which is a church institution that teaches Doctrine that is the polar opposite in the same institution.

  30. I’m a BYU H alumni, and we sent our daughter to BYU H after her mission. BYU H contributed to her loss of faith and conservatism. We encouraged all our children to seek their own testimonies and hold to the iron rod. Yet several neo liberal professors (one not LDS) were not in favor of Book of Mormon teachings regarding race ethnicity and gender, let alone political statements using capt moroni.

  31. So in the temple interview questions when they ask, "Do you support or promote any teachings, practices, or doctrine contrary to those of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" Our reply should be, "Yes, BYU."

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