Christmas in Hawaii + emotional makeover surprise! 🎄

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It’s the holiday season of giving and decorating and creating those warm fuzzy feel good moments. In today’s episode we are giving back by making over a 6-year-old cancer survivor’s bedroom, and decorating our island home for the holidays. For the room we are DIY’ing a fun pink slide bunk bed surprise, complete with a DIY overhead, twinkle lights, paper lantern chandelier, and gorgeous colorful wallpaper and accessories all drawing inspiration from Barbie’s Dreamhouse. We’re also ringing in the holidays with that yearly tradition of decorating our christmas tree. Our goal is tropical, colorful and of course beautiful to go with our island home! Come along for this aesthetically packed episode of a gorgeous before and after makeover, a heart-warming surprise reveal and budget-friendly tips on how to decorate your house for the holidays!

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This episode wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these creative geniuses:
V Robitaille, Andrew Tran, Bryce Pederson, Chris Balidio, Evan Asato, Peter Fowler, Eric Espiritu and Tobias Smith
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  1. That was so beautiful that you did that beautiful room you guys are truly the best in everything you do! Keep wow them cause you are something special. Moon is so glad to have parents like you guys.

  2. I didn't think anything was odd about you collecting the fronds. I was thinking it's just Kate. Soon your neighbors will shrug and wave and probably think the same thing. Nothing odd going on.

  3. Oooo beautiful tropical Christmas decorations. So tasteful! I’d spray paint the palm fronds gold. ❤️ laughing at the PC barbies & Ken. Lol 😂 so tear jerking.

  4. Well I am sobbing. To know what this beautiful little girl went through just kills me. I think all kids that have had to go through this horrific C word should get at least a vacation. My heart goes out to those parents. I hope you enjoy everything this life has to offer you because there is a lot of good out there.

  5. The 2 sisters wow, how lucky little girls. Tragick when sickness strike and especially a child, what a good to have a sistbling to have your back. And such good friends they seem to be <3 Love the result of the room. And hope they play lots <3
    Happy holidays ❤

  6. OG Creative here; wishing you guys would come over and decorate my whole home since it’s empty after retiring my daycare. I have sold all my toys and nervous about having an adult space! 😆

  7. It is gonna take a while to adjust to not literally seeing an action-by-action makeover for other people but TESSAAAA AND TEAM! YOU GUYS DID GREAT!! Also love love loovveee the Tropical Christmas tree!

    And loads and loads of love to Kaya and her family (and nurse!)

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