1. I love when people find THEIR place and they transmit it through them or a media (pics, videos, or even how they talk about it) like I instantly knew she truly loves Hawaii just from the first 20 seconds.

  2. I use to live in Hawaii and I do agree on thinking the island life is extremely laid back and relaxed. I honestly still have to make time boundaries because I try to incorporate island living lol, but it has caused me to become a procrastinator. Im so happy you said that because it made me realize that Hawaii seriously does effect your thinking.

  3. Are you referring to Upper and Lower Manoa Falls? Cause the Seven Bridges is the only one in that area that has multiple falls that is easily accessible. Was the guy even Local? LOL The second part of Manoa Falls is closed off and can only be access via the Na Hele trails up Tantulus. I only know this since I did all those hikes and found nearly all the "hidden" waterfalls. And isn't Manoa falls still close during this pandemic anyways?

  4. 4:105:45

    It’s make SO MUCH sense, especially during this pandemic !

    Maintaining our external balance (exactly setting boundaries for time) is SO crucial for maintaining our inner balance (mental health).

    Without the these kinds of balance, we become unmotivated doing anything so easily, even the things we enjoy !

    I really kinda need this rn, thanks for talking about it!

    Love your vlog always! Good luck with everything!

  5. i love your videos but for people who wants to move here or go to school here, please learn about the land and the people's culture first. Hawaiians are still fighting for their lands and it's not fair for other people to keep taking away whats rightfully theirs over and over again. Especially, now that there's a pandemic.

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