Travel to Hawaii has chanced, we will bring you up to speed on what you should prepare for when coming to Hawaii. From registering to the travel safe program to booking activities and dining.
Should You CANCEL Your 2021 Vacation To Hawaii?

72 Hour Testing Upload Tutorial:
Fully Vaccinated Upload Tutorial:

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  1. thank you for this great update…we are departing Feb 28 Canada to Honolulu and have just tested positive for covid. What do we need to bring with us to still be able to travel as recovered from covid?

  2. Hi! I am going to be visiting honolulu on the 24th- nov. 4th. I am going to be getting a covid test right before I go so I can travel to hawaii. For the restaurants requirements, am I constantly going to have to get a covid test within those two weeks so it is within the 72 hour deadline ? that those places require? or can one test be enough for those two weeks out in honolulu. Thank you and hopefully I put that in an understandable way!

  3. I'm bringing my family back to Hawaii in October for the second time this year and 3rd time since "covid". Since I'm a United States citizen as are my family we don't do any of this "covid" stuff. I just strongly assert my citizen status and recommend that we be left alone and do not want to participate in anything other than boarding the plane . It may take 20 min but eventually we are left alone. No were not taking any test and no were not uploaded anything to any app.

  4. Very nice and respectful information but please also keep very respectful to sea life animals and our aina be respectful to others and to our land, you can not do wat u want to do jus because you think u have da rite away be respectful you will be ok aloha and be safe mask up and stay distant aloha 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  5. Coming from a local resident, you don’t need to eat out at a restaurant if you don’t want the hassle of waiting? Call the local restaurants 10-15 mins in advance and place a take out order and your meal will be ready when you arrive? Also a lot of eating places here have apps that you can order and they’ll bring the food to you vehicle upon arrival? Rental cars? If you go on Craigslist Oahu, you’ll find local resident renting their vehicles out so you don’t need to depend on the RAC companies! There’s also an app that you can download to rent vehicle from private owners called TURO!!! Be safe and have fun while visiting🤙🏽

  6. Hello great informative video. My family and I were planning on coming late October which I was told was a good month to come but with the surge I guess we’ll postpone until next year. Do you have a upcoming video on the embassy suite at Hilton? I am so glad I came across your channel. New subie here. Be safe out there and hopefully we’ll see you next year

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