Enjoy, Hawaii | Ep. 003


The light glows differently on this side as the morning sun rises in the east. The wind is cool and always present. It could be the trance-inducing turquoise water, but it feels like things move slower over here. We round the bend that carves out Oahu’s Windward side, and we instantly feel it. We are on island time.

Bordering the oceanfront municipal golf course of Kahuku lies the toymakers shed. The shaping bay of Mr. Matty Raynor (AKA Raynor Surf.) Matty; husband, father, surfer, and golf enthusiast, has a fascinating vocation. He creates hand-shaped surfboards, custom-designed for his wave-seeking clientele, in an intricately crafted shaping bay, a stone’s throw away from an oceanfront 9 hole, that butts up to some fantastic surf breaks (shhh, they are secret spots!)

We stopped by to drop off a fresh pair of shoes, tour his shaping bay, and pick the brain of a professional toymaker.


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