Everything I wish I knew BEFORE going to Oahu, Hawaii | Is it worth it?

Hellooo! I’m so excited to share all of my final thoughts about my trip to Oahu, Hawaii. This is everything I wish I knew before hopping on a 14 hour flight! Enjoy💜

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  1. Hotels are very old in Honolulu, look at the airport. I’ve been to some of the youth hostels and had my belongings stolen there, and I’ve been threatened by a drunk local, but it’s still a magic location and I’ve planted several hundred trees there.

  2. Malls open later due to the he pandemic. Usually Ala Moana would open at 9:30am.
    Sunscreen is a must! Cloudy is the worst! The sun will do the most damage to your skin!
    Don't do koko head hike, that one is hard! Drive around the island and try all the local food.

  3. Waikiki is not Hawai’i that’s where the tourists get overcharged for everything!! Just gotta drive the Island! We have AirBnB however very restricted due to illegal operations! Beaches are all open public safety is why they close them!! At least one tourist drowns every week! Maybe your next visit will be more enjoyable!! Hiking is dangerous!! Weather can change and cause floods! Maybe plan a trip to another island!! Attractions are very expensive!! Aloha!! Good video

  4. I live on Oahu and I just learned a few weeks ago that ALL beaches are open to the public. Most people assume because it’s in someone’s backyard that you can’t go but you can

  5. Everyone, please pray for people in Hawaii and anywhere else people are worshipping water, nature, etc. They are actually worshipping marine spirits which is not good. I was watching a video of a woman talking about if Hawaii doesn't repent, judgement will come upon them. Please everyone, please pray for the people of Hawaii and anywhere else, practicing idolatry. Thank you so much and God bless you all in Jesus name!

    John 3:16
    King James Version
    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

  6. Fuck sorry u had those bad experiences. Love your respectful attitude tho i wish all tourists had this kind of consideration💯 I recommend maybe trying to find some local guides. Sending aloha from Waimānalo🤙🏽

  7. Was that the Pillbox Hike? I just got back from Hawaii and felt bad because I only made it 1/3 of the way. Like you said the hikes are no joke lol.

  8. Honestly my husband and I are coming next week for our very first visit to Hawaii. I was so excited but now I’m nervous as I have read nothing but hateful comments from locals regarding tourists and it makes me regret planning a trip to Hawaii (we would cancel but our flights are non refundable so we are going). We waited until we received our vaccines and the covid situation is a bit better to come, and while I understand not every tourist is respectful towards the land and the people (we definitely will be) it does make me wish we would have went elsewhere. A lot of what I’m seeing locals say has to do with the amount of tourists, we usually go to popular beaches throughout Europe and they are always thrilled to have tourists as their businesses depend on it.

  9. Thank you for being honest and real but also very respectful. We need more people like you. I have never been to Hawaii but I plan to one day hopefully. Honolulu interests me but I have to do more research

  10. I''m going June 16 for a week. Can't wait.

    Where did you get your covid test? How long until you got your results? I'm so nervous about getting it back in time.

  11. Hey thanks for coming to the island and supporting us! I like that you brought up choosing to be respectful on our beaches. You mentioned coming back and maybe staying in a different type of place. Please do your research before booking an Airbnb or resort. Many are not locally owned or in the case of Airbnb’s, they drive out locals and add to our massive homeless problems. Many short term rentals used to be low income housing. These rentals tend to be illegal and not pay into our tourism tax system too. It hurts our ability to maintain roads, honking trails and other resources when we don’t get that tax revenue. Sadly, of the two, resorts are probably more ethical to stay in because we get the tax revenue. Just some things to think about. Hope you come back!:)

  12. What about mask wearing? I understand indoors, but i heard that you have to wear a mask outdoors, in the blazing sun 😢 Do you have to wear it while hiking or at the beach?

  13. Has anyone gone recently and dealt with car rentals in hawaii??? Any experience in the recent months? Does anyone know if you have a car reservation you are Guaranteed a car????

  14. In all fairness, she went to the 'Los Angeles' of Hawaii – Oahu. Try Kauai to escape a lot of tourist traps. Nice mix of local and tourist stuff.
    Also, Molokai is rural with lot's of Hawaiian beauty without any city's or touristy stuff.

  15. hi first of all as a local i really appreciate how respectful you are! just wanted to maybe clear some stuff up for you and people in the comments!
    1. people can be a little less welcoming towards tourists especially during a pandemic so that’s possibly why you got that vibe from the hotel
    2. seasons change a lot of the beaches and we get a lot of winter swell and other factors that can make it super dangerous and not very enjoyable to swim during those times in certain areas

    other that that—for anyone else coming to hawai’i here are some things to remember!
    1. be respectful of local spots! please limit geotagging 🙂
    2. respect the wildlife and the land! don’t litter etc., keep on the designated paths and don’t get too close to the animals
    3. reef safe sunscreen is a must!!
    4. be respectful of pandemic rules and like you mentioned in the video, hawai’i is home for a lot of us so please make sure you are following guidelines and wearing masks etc.
    5. support small and support local as much as possible!!!

  16. we are taking a cruise for 15 days and stopping at 5 islands in Hawaii maybe next time that would be the better bet. I always do my homework. This way we eat and sleep and have fun on the ship way cheaper

  17. Vitamin E for sunburn, and I'm not talking about a lotion with vitamin E as one of it's ingredients. Take an actual capsule of vitamin E–or two, or three, or four, etc.–cut it open, and smear it all over the burn. It works.

  18. "Next time we want to stay AirBnB" AirBnB is illegal in Hawaii. As you can see Hawaii depends on tourism, alot hotel operators revenues from hotel bookings. They complained to politicians and lawmakers and made Airbnb illegal before the pandemic.

  19. Seemed to speak mainly $. Let your people know how friendly and caring the Hawaiian people are. We have been there many times and each time leave with much happiness.

  20. so, some locals will hate me for this, but I live here on Oahu and I have some favorite things to do around here.

    1. the maunawili falls hike, it's not super easy but it's not super hard either and it's so pretty up there with a waterfall where you can swim.
    2. pupukea or shark's cove on the north shore, it's a snorkeling place with a lot of fish and pretty coral and some caves to go into if you're that daring. it has a really small parking spot though, so you have to get there really early. but it's worth it.
    3. matsumoto's shave ice, this is probably in most tourist books but it has great shaved ice. however, island snow is a less "Hawaii type feel" of a place, but in my opinion the shaved ice is better.
    4. hanauma bay, quite a touristy place as well but it's really pretty you just have to get there really early as well.

    also just walking around the north shore and kailua town and so many other places can be really nice and less busy than the actual sites, while you still can find some really cool things to do.
    I will say that if you come here, especially now, during the pandemic and everything a lot of locals will hate you for it. we have reasons to. so I'd say wait until you're vaccinated and be really cautious with traveling here because we are an island and we have such a small population, so bringing covid is a big impact.

    I found it funny how you were somewhat surprised or whatever that people live here. I don't blame you at all, we are seen as such a vacation place I really understand it. I've had people come up to me while they're definitely on vacation, thinking I'm some sort of attraction and that they can interact with me like I'm getting paid to work and be a "native islander" so that was really weird.

    this is such a long comment but here are just some thoughts I have.

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