FLYING OVER OAHU [4K] Hawaii Ambient Aerial Film + Music for Stress Relief – Honolulu to North Shore

10 HOUR MIX @ | WATCH ON-DEMAND @ | BUY @ | NATURE SOUNDS ONLY VERSION @ | ABOUT: “Flying Over Oahu” sweeps viewers on a soothing yet awe-inspiring 97 minute aerial voyage over the stunning coastlines of Hawaii’s most populated & iconic island of Oahu. Paired with real stereo nature sounds and a heavenly musical soundtrack composed by Alex Smith with the Cynic Project, this signature drone film is an instant classic, presented in ultra 4K ultra high definition. MORE INFO:

ABOUT OAHU: Oʻahu, known as “The Gathering Place”, is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is home to roughly one million people—about two-thirds of the population of the U.S. state of Hawaii.

FLIGHT PATH/ LOCATIONS: Viewers begin in Honolulu along Waikiki Beach, with impressive views of Diamond Head in the distance. From here, the journey slowly progresses along the southeastern coast to the next stop, which is a view of Koko Crater along the coast near the Kahauloa Cove. From here viewers can enjoy the rocky black lava coast as it transforms into a perfect white Sandy Beach. Experience a top-down view of the Hãlona Cove before next flying to Makapu’u Point, which is the next stop on this scenic aerial journey. At Makapu’u, you’ll dip your toes in the beach and quickly glance north before flying right up to the famous Makapu’u lighthouse. (From here there is the occasional glance of Kãohikaipu Island where lies the State Seabird Sanctuary.) After enjoying a stunning view from on high of Koko Head and the coast looking south, we again turn north up the coast and next are transported to Kualoa Point, to absorb the stunning palm tree views and distant vistas of Mokoli’li Island and the far off Kaneohe Bay. Next we will attempt to reach the top of the towering green mountain behind Kualoa Ranch, and absorb the stunning perspective of the island of Oahu as seen from this beautiful shore. From Kualoa, we next are transported to the famous Mãhie Point at Huilua Pond, home of the Crouching Lion Hike which offers one of the best views anywhere on Oahu. From this perspective viewers can enjoy views in all directions, from the town of Kaawa to the south to Ahupua’a O’Kahana State Park & Kahana Bay / Makali’l Point to the North. Next on our journey we are transported to the rugged blue waters of the North Shore at Turtle Bay. This iconic resort offers panoramic views from all sides, including Kulima Cove & Point to the East & South and Kawela Bay Beach Park to the North. After departing Turtle Bay, viewers are then transported to the first of two stops on the iconic North Shore – first at Sunset Beach near Rocky Point and the Banzai Pipeline; and then to Ke Iki Beach / Rock Piles Beach near Shark’s Cove, which offers majestically blue and empty white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. From the North Shore beaches, we start the journey back to reach Honolulu at Sunset, stopping at one last lookout near the North Shore town of Hale’iwa for a glance at the view looking inland of distant Wind Farms and Northwestern coast of Oahu, and finally at a vibrant lookout of Ka’Alaea Point at Uppers Beach Park. The film ends with a slowly fading yet majestic sunset from Waikiki Beach.

GEAR USED: Filmed 100% on the Mavic 2 Pro.


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  1. That first track is just sooo soul healing.
    And it goes sooo perfect with the scenery. Seagulls squawking, the sound of the waves, can allllllmost feel the sun.

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  3. Honolulu, I love you. Born and raised in your streets. But you became too expensive. Out of reach for us middle and lower class locals. I hope one day I can return, and feel the salty ocean air on my lips, taste the Ono Hawaiian and Asian food, witness the diversity and Aloha that once consumed my being. We were all one, one Ohana, one family. We were all different, but we all had one thing in common. The love of Hawai''i. Please do not chage.

  4. Desde hoy los dejo de escuchar, la tranquilidad y mi meditaciòn interrumpida por los anuncios, te sacan de ese momento de equilibrio con tu paz y energia.Tal vea habra que presentarlos al principio solamente.

  5. I'm just doing homework and listening to this… It's sooooooo relaxing… Man, how do you make these videos? I subscribed, your channel is sooooooo good!! I really hope you upload more videos!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful video but it’s too bad it’s ruined with commercials! I have found other great videos that I watch all the time that have NO COMMERCIALS!

  7. Merci à vous de me permettre de voyager si loin de la France !!!! Superbe vidéo qui me transporte aisément au delà de l' Europe de façon légère et régénérante… car aucune attente pour l'embarquement ; c'est génial.

  8. These looks Like paradise!!
    Wonderful! I watch the View,i listened the sound and i feel already im there least with the thought😚❤️🌸🌺

  9. Scandaleux les tours … le cloître de réservations pour les nageurs 😡
    Non stoppep pls
    Et bcp d entre vous aimes cela .. bah bonjour tristesse

  10. I am Japanese.I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon.The warmth of the local people still touches my heart.I definitely want to go there again.This is a tough time in Corona, but let's overcome it hand in hand at times like this.I really think all mankind are brothers!

  11. i love spending long hours swiminng or just staying in water for relaxing and conecting with energies. in this beurtiful vid, i couldnt spot any shark, i know they love being in open waters but is it safe at shores????

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