When Tuna fishing in Hawaii you never know what you will find. Come summer time we have giants swimming everywhere. We were hoping for the yellowfin tuna fish. But instead we were greeted by a giant marlin in rough water.

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Reel Adventures Hawaii Hat
Reel Adventures Hawaii Charcoal/ Neon Green Snapback Trucker Hat

Reels used Shimano 130 Tiagra
Shimano Tiagra

Leader Line is Jinkai 300 Pound Test

Chrimps 1.9mm for 300lb Jinkai Leader

Penn 10in Crimper

Gaffs used were made by me let me show you how to make one:



  1. Hi Nick and monster Mat and Royboy! Thank you for the ride on another epic adventure. Thank you for the tips on how to skin Aku the Monster Mat way. Looking forward to seeing you put up more recipes on your catch and cook videos too.keep it up and I’ll keep giving the thumbs up! Tight lines and stay safe over there: Peace,

  2. I wouldn't mind winning one of your well used pole and reel that still has that luck in catching.
    I like to charter boats from pismo beach and morro bay California
    lots of ling cod reds and a few sheep head oh and one wolf head eel.
    thank you randy rabena
    California. ps you are right you are your brothers keeper I have that patch on my cut and wear it when I ride.

  3. Epic epic video Nick. I love living off the Aina. The way food is so freakin expensive, I fish and hunt every chance I get to provide for the Ohana. Stay safe Nick. Aloha from Kansas

  4. I really enjoy watching your videos… epic fishing for sure! I jus got my boat repaired this year and hope to fish better with different lures. Hope I can attain one of your rígs. I'm from the Island of Tinian CNMI.

  5. Hi Nick, I finally got to finish watching this video. Must say that it is great to see Roy Boy back and anxious to see Tyler's boat. Thanks again for all the awesome videos. Tight lines and Alohas from Kauai!!!

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