Hawaii 2021: Inside Singlehanded Sailing with Christian Williams

Full documentary, suggest streaming on TV screen using YouTube app. Third voyage of Thelonious, an Ericson 38, Los Angeles to Hawaii and return, 2021. Nineteen days outbound, 26 return in a season of storm trades and periodic gale-force winds. For subtitles click [cc].



  1. I'm only three minutes in but I'm just going to upvote this thing right now. Thank you Christian. I enjoy your videos. BTW, I bought the Alone Together audio book. It's next on my list for my work commute. I also have the Philosophy of Sailing book on my Kindle, which I highly recommend.

  2. Robert Redford shaves in all is lost… my opinion, it brought him a sense of hope and restored purpose when all was lost.. I dunno I know a lot of times in depression/anxiety/mental instability men and women alike will "let themselves go," grow beard forget about hygiene because the body is just trying to survive, so to get up and do something like shave at a moment like that says to me, you believe there is always hope and a higher power is always there with you. Just a thought plus a fresh shave is always nice 👌

  3. You're an absolute inspiration and truly amazing! Question : how do you deal with FEAR? I want to do what you have done but I am afraid … afraid of big storms and possible knock downs, pitch poling etc.

  4. "I don't think there is anywhere else I would rather be, then right here, right now." < pretty much what every sailor thinks on a lovely day with excellent conditions, especially on a day following a few days of struggle or bad weather. Nice to ride along with you CW, hope it's not too early to wish you a Happy New Year.

  5. I really enjoy watching you sail uninhibited by any societal interference. Its good to know the wildwest still exists, its just farther west of civilization. Carry on cowfishboy

  6. I farm and can drive to town for nuts and bolts. To undertake Chris's stuff I would want 600 lbs of nuts, bolts, shackles, rope, pulleys, and enough spares to build a second boat on board. Somebody tell me if I am on the wrong track .

  7. Hi Christian, I enjoyed every minute of your personal adventure and good your humour. Nice to know you're older than me. by 3 years or so. I have a 50-foot single-handed masthead cutter, originally designed and built for the single-handed BOC race 1985-86- I just finished rebuilding for the 3rd time. As I had the boat since 1987, since I live in Sydney, Australia I will not be going to Hawaii, I will though try to head for Vanuatu if the Covid lockdown is lifted. You are an inspiration. Thanks for your wonderful effort in bringing your experience to the small screen. SV Skoiern IV,

  8. I really enjoy the way you talk to yourself. I too argue and sometimes have fun speaking to my other self and found it amusing to see someone else do it in video form. Keep up the spirit and take me along for the ride.

  9. Sailing in solitude, a study of self-reliance, taking what life and the sea has to offer, and the most frightening part, dwelling deep within your own mind. This outstanding video will stand the test of time. Christian, thanks for the adventure and for a realistic glimpse into our own dreams of adventure on the high seas. I am but a fair weather sailor, who sails on the occasional Sunday, but I was with you during many parts of the video.

  10. A Captain breaks long before there ship, and You sir are very strong. Thank you for passing on a direction in this compass of life.
    P.S…. water will always find it's own level

  11. You sir are truly amazing
    Your truly a beautiful sailing ⛵️ kind soul 🙏

    Thank you sir 🙏
    for sharing your life adventures 🌎⛵️😊✨

    I wish for you sir

    The kindest wishes forever

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