1. In 1974 we flew to Honolulu on UAL from LAX on a 747. I was 8. I still want to go back, but not on 737. We loved the show and theme song. I guess the show helped to promote tourism to the island in the 70's?

  2. One of the best theme songs ever! My high school band played it back when the original series was on tv. I am lucky enough to be a drummer . Very fun drum intro on this tune!

  3. Que saudade desses seriados nada se compara hoje ao desse! Mesmo que os de hoje tenha mais efeitos especiais esse seriado tinha seu charme e atenção que prendia a gente do início ao fim!😢

  4. I only just now realized how much The Miami Vice title sequence copied Hawaii Five 0. This was what people thought was cutting edge on MTV 15 years later.

  5. Lots of somber posts here about days gone by and loved ones no longer with us and I too have the same sentiments, BUT let’s not gloss over the fact that those girls in that intro provided the spank bank material for generations of future fappers such as myself. Many a young load was dropped to this intro!!! GIGGITY

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