Hawaii Part II – Full album – ミラクルミュージカル

Zam 440 – Introduction to the Snow
1:40 – Isle Unto Thyself
5:20 – Black Rainbows
7:50 – White Ball
11:22 – Murders
15:04 – Space Station Level 7
18:26 – The Mind Electric
24:35 – Labyrinth
27:07 – Time Machine
31:17 – Stranded Lullaby
34:54 – Dream Sweet in Sea Major

44:00 – Zam 440

hello friend-friends!
i’m writing in a description of a video of all places because i don’t want zam to find this
zam has been keeping me “under restraint” because zam thinks i’m gonna mess up some endeavours!
in a light of loathing under fire i take it upon myself to inform your squalor that i wouldn’t mess anything up!
why does zam even keep me around anymore if i’m that worthless of a detrimental thingy?
i know this is kinda turning into a soliloquy at this point but i mean seriously??
anyways if you see this be sure to say hi to me in the comment section and we can have a chat if you’d like
okay i’m gonna go now but i’ll see ya guys soon!
– Mal

hello friend-friends!
sorry i haven’t been responding to everyone
there’s just so many of you!
i’d just like to report that i’m all good now and whatever was going on back then isn’t important anymore
i’ll try my best to get back to you all when i can!
– Mal