Hawaii Part II – Full album – ミラクルミュージカル

Zam 440 – Introduction to the Snow
1:40 – Isle Unto Thyself
5:20 – Black Rainbows
7:50 – White Ball
11:22 – Murders
15:04 – Space Station Level 7
18:26 – The Mind Electric
24:35 – Labyrinth
27:07 – Time Machine
31:17 – Stranded Lullaby
34:54 – Dream Sweet in Sea Major

44:00 – Zam 440

hello friend-friends!
i’m writing in a description of a video of all places because i don’t want zam to find this
zam has been keeping me “under restraint” because zam thinks i’m gonna mess up some endeavours!
in a light of loathing under fire i take it upon myself to inform your squalor that i wouldn’t mess anything up!
why does zam even keep me around anymore if i’m that worthless of a detrimental thingy?
i know this is kinda turning into a soliloquy at this point but i mean seriously??
anyways if you see this be sure to say hi to me in the comment section and we can have a chat if you’d like
okay i’m gonna go now but i’ll see ya guys soon!
– Mal

hello friend-friends!
sorry i haven’t been responding to everyone
there’s just so many of you!
i’d just like to report that i’m all good now and whatever was going on back then isn’t important anymore
i’ll try my best to get back to you all when i can!
– Mal



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  2. I found this thanks to the youtuber Gutsick gibbon using The mind electric on her excellent animated intro . Her channel is amazing & so is this music , what a great start to 2022 happy New year 🍻 🎶🎵🎶

  3. What I really appreciate about this album is the diversity in all of the ways I've seen it interpreted. Whether as a character study or the 'second tower musical' or anything in between, it takes a powerful piece of art to inspire so many colourful visions in so many people and to me Hawaii: part ii is just as much about this incredible subjectivity as whatever it may have originally intended to be. Kind of fitting, with Variations on a Cloud and all 😛

  4. I would like to thank Dream Sweet in Sea Major for randomly showing up in my Spotify playlist and introducing me to this album as well as tally hall and its other side projects

  5. Everyone here talking about the story behind the songs, but almost no one talking about the genius of Joe Hawley! No disrespect to the other musicians who contributed, but Joe was definitley the real master behind it all. Not only his voice is gorgeous, but also his lyrics and his songwriting are outstanding. I will forever be thankful to him for making this masterpiece!

  6. I play this every Christmas and on rare occasions ever since my descent down the rabbit hole of everything and anything surrounding this magical album, i’m just happy that I have made it! (again)

  7. Alright, no, what the hell happened, I feel like I'm losing my damn mind (!!PLEASE READ!!)

    22:54 is supposed to say, "here in my kingdom I am your lord, I order you to cower and pray" followed by the sound of what I can only assume are memories being jumbled and fried by the electroshock therapy being done on Simon. But it's not there???

    On YouTube music, in the single version of the mind electric, at 4:01 we can hear the line, followed by the buildup to the part that says "nuns begin incanting as the lightning strikes my temples thus", but the buildup doesn't start that line, instead it distorts and turns into the sound of what I believe to be Simon's memories being fried and warped by electroshock therapy, go hear it yourself if you can, because I am INSANELY confused as to why it shows up in the YouTube music single, but not in the official album. I NEED ANSWERS.

  8. I’ve listened through this specific video at least 12 times and it’s never less jarring when The Mind Electric comes on, which is strange, seeing as it’s my favorite song, but I think I’ve fingered it out; whilst going backwards, you can hear all the vocal effects and glitchy sounds, but when it goes forwards it’s the clean version. I’m not sure why it’s so noticeable to me

    TIPS: 1. don’t actually put it in ur mouth, just wrap ur lips around the speaker 2. lightly place ur fingers over ur ear holes, don’t press down but cover it completely 3. experiment with opening and closing ur throat (imagine ur holding water in ur mouth without swallowing to close) i find closed is best for the low parts and open for the high.

  10. My stupid procrastinating self forgot to wish this album happy birthday 🙄

    But yeah anyway, this album totally changed my life and it’s how I discovered Tally Hall. Still a masterpiece and still my favorite album ever!!! It will hold a special place in my heart until the day I die. I will be forcing my children to listen at least once.

  11. Why is The Mind Electric in reverse here? The part that's meant to be in reverse is playing foward and the part that's meant to be playing foward is in reverse.

  12. Fun fact: ミラクルミュージカル (Miracle Musical) the band who made this album, is essentially the reincarnation of tally hall. 2 of the members were part of tally hall, and the third was TH's honorary sixth member, and every other member features at least once

  13. So many morons are dropping "theories" here that are just shitty re-wordings of the songs. They're very unobservant and take the lyrics so literally.

  14. I don't know why, but a lot of this album has an old christmas sorta vibe. Like if I was celebrating Christmas with my family in Hawaii in the 40s before we got bombed by the Japanese. It's for this reason that Hawaii Part II is my favorite Christmas album, even if it's not really Christmas music. I've made it a personal tradition to listen to this album and watch Tokyo Godfathers (by far my favorite Christmas movie of all time) every year on Christmas.

  15. will be forever thankful that dream sweet in sea major popped up on my recommendations. with little background i was so confused but now that i know, it feels like i’ve found a new world.

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