Hawaii residents, tourists feel COVID restrictions

As visitors continue to fly to Hawaii and locals go about their business, state officials say the islands may need to go into lockdown if COVID-19 delta variant cases continue to rise. (Aug. 27)

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  1. Why all the hate towards Hawaii in the comments? Don't like it, stay away. It's that kind of ugliness no one wants over there. It's funny how mainlanders came there without giving any true native of Hawaii a choice; check your history. They brought the ugliness and now they complain when it is uncomfortable for them. Hypocrites. Respect and honor; a little goes a long way.

  2. So many people go to Las Vegas and bring back the virus. I know many have family there, but don't go if you don't have to. So many tourists from Florida and Texas going to Vegas and they're not following our governor's mandatory mask rule. Be safe.

  3. was just in Hawaii and you should see the amount of white entitled tourist who do not wear the mask! it was only minorities who I saw wearing mask! Oahu was very crowded. The big island was not so much!

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