1. Can you imagine the world without polio measles and many more other diseases vaccine? So why don`t they want get their covid vaccine, what is wrong with these people??? Reminds me people with a $1200 smartphone never using a bumper case, same thing!

  2. The great reopening of the United States will ultimately be worse than the initial outbreak for many reasons. Political, religious, ignorance, and of course pandemic fatigue. Hawaii was doing so well especially Kauai compared to the mainland and most of the rest of the world. The return of mass infections and critical hospitalizations will unfortunately return forcing even worse shutdowns and closures all due to impatience and stupidity. At the least, Hawaii should have maintained a mandatory quarantine when returning to the islands with few exceptions. So in the meantime, go ahead, go vacation in Las Vegas and be significantly exposed. Until we have a policy like New Zealand, we're just kidding ourselves and folding under pressure.

  3. You guys thought the delta force variant was bad… if you don’t get this healthy juice in your veins…. Well the navy seals variant could show up. Not even osama could stop them. We’ll all be back living in our closets praying to end racism all over again!

  4. When people say "recover" from COVID-19, it isn't what you think. You can have lasting after effects. The facts are that more people have died from COVID-19 in the US than have died in WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq Wars in a one and half year time combined. So don't listen to those who that try to convince ou otherwise. Wanna stay out of lockdowns? Be mask less? Get vaccinated. Do it for your family and community.

  5. If you wanna get vaccinated, Gor for it. If not, That is your decision. I don't understand while people who are vaccinated that are "Protected" worry about the guy down the street that didn't get vaccinated. I don't understand while our lives are being put on hold, Waiting on people who aren't vaccinated and are planning not too. Smh🙄

  6. I understand the skepticism and I had my share of skepticism too. I have friends in health professions advised me to get vaccinated. And I took it very seriously. I got vaccinated for my friends, family, community and country. Stay strong and live strong Hawaiians.
    Love and respect from Silicon Valley

  7. And then there are people who do not get the vax because it is experimental, it has side effects, fatal also, no one is liable, they have a healthy immune system, covd has a 99.9x% recovery rate, children very rarely get it and recover 99.99%. You're welcome

  8. Wake up..i am in a family…the leader is anti vax. I followed our health care provider…the one who is antivax is the only one who has avoided this advice.

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