HAWAII TRAVEL TIPS: What's Visiting Hawaii Like in 2021?

We just got back from Hawaii and will share our travel experience and everything you need to know that is different about traveling to Hawaii in 2021. I’ll cover how the airline experience has changed, how hotel stays are different, eating in restaurants, and finally just how the crowd levels and general vibe in Hawaii is currently.

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  1. Hey Chris! I highly recommend you come check out some of the small towns in Upstate NY right on the finger lakes, it's super scenic. Watkins Glenn is super cool too. Highly recommend if you're ever stuck trying to figure out some place to go. We've got a bunch of hiking trails, waterfalls, etc up here!

  2. Thank you for promoting how we are being safe with our visitors & our own ohana here in the islands. I thank you also for trusting in us with your keiki. Please also let others know to be sensitive to things like businesses that had to close due to the Pandemic, families who lost their homes due to lost of jobs & minding the restrictions without complaining. The people who keep Hawai'i a destination hub work hard despite high cost of living. I do hope you enjoyed your stay & let's keep Hawai'i clean & safe for future generations. Mahalo & a hui hou kakou (until we meet again)!

  3. Extremely nice and informative video. You are living the dream. Hawaii is definitely amazing the way you captured it. I just started my channel about 2 months ago, It is called Travel Boardwalk. I hope one day I can make videos that are amazing like yours. Thank you very much for the awesome video!!!!!!

  4. We are headed to the Big Island next week. I think I will print out our covid results because I did a "trial run" on the safe travel website and it doesnt let me select anything to upload. We did cheap tickets and booked our flight, car, and condo all at once. Thank you for this video

  5. Just a heads up as you have mentioned this in your videos a few times: tourists from Japan can bypass a two week quarantine if they test negative 3 days before going back to Japan. I think the main issue with that right now is how much those covid tests cost. You need to take one before heading To Hawaii too and they cost 200-300 dollars, give or take. Same thing happens on the way home. That adds 400-600 dollars to a trip to Hawaii.

  6. Everyone, please pray for people in Hawaii and anywhere else people are worshipping water, nature, etc. They are actually worshipping marine spirits which is not good. I was watching a video of a woman talking about if Hawaii doesn't repent, judgement will come upon them. Please everyone, please pray for the people of Hawaii and anywhere else, practicing idolatry. Thank you so much and God bless you all in Jesus name!

    John 3:16
    King James Version
    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

  7. I’ve been two Hawai’i twice and can’t wait to go back but the time just doesn’t feel right. Locals seem stressed with the insane amount of people visiting and the drought etc. Can’t wait till stuff cools down

  8. I've been wanting to go back to Hawaii but definitely going to wait till all this calms down. Too much of a hassle for me with all the requirements etc

  9. yea jus no go waianae,mākaha,nānākuli,maili,ewa,waipahu,
    town,and you good,unless you like get jumped some of us chill some not. but mainly do NOT go to waianae small kine might get jumped

  10. Hawaii so beautiful the lines didn’t seem that long to me try to move to Denver Colorado Omai gosh Denver is so busy and expensive might as well move to Hawaii cost an exact same not much of a difference Hawaii is gorgeous though

  11. This July 2021 on Kauai, our friends could NOT get a car for the entire week. When we were in Kauai in May 2021 at Hertz we had to wait almost 2 hours to get our car. Also, We needed 2 QR codes per person.

  12. Not worth aggravation shame Hawaii nothing but tyranny!Temp check for breakfast?Ugggg contact tracking for stores ?Why would anyone pay to be treated abusivly?Sounds like concentration camps during Hitler!

  13. Yeah we stayed at the same hotel and parking is the only thing I didn't like. The driveway is very narrow. I had a mini van so it made it harder especially when car/cars approaching your way, it was a pain!

  14. As a local born and raised. Yall should reconsider visiting Hawai'i. Your vacation is actually a huge problem for the locals right now. Economic-wise tourism is Hawa'i's main ventricle. However, there are way too many people here. Resources are growing thin. Good luck getting a rental car or vehicle here on Maui, we have a shortage. Also, locals are pissed. Hawai'i was annexed from it's people and many of these tourists resemble those thieves. Now, from my perspective these new visitors represent a whole new wave of travelers. First off, it's not advised to travel yet that doesn't stop you. Also, behavior is way worst by each wave. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. 1. Generally Locals don't want you there. 2. Your safety cannot be promised. (Not a threat but mess around and you'll find out) Additionally services and personnel are massively overwhelmed, understaffed, and massively disrespected. You won't have the Hawai'i experience you imagine. Please reconsider and go elsewhere.

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