Hawaii Vibes in Mumbai ki Garmi 🌴🥵 Viral Makeup Transition | #ashortaday #shorts

Hawaii feels in Mumbai ki garmi🥵🌴💕
Hopped a little late on the trend, but couldn’t stop myself from swaying😉
Makeup tutorial coming this week on Youtube 🥰🌴



  1. I instantly fell in love with your complexion, the way you dont hide it, to make yourself look upto the beauty standard…..i have the same complexion and i often felt low and insecure about myself, but the day i found out your channel you gave me an entire different view of myself….lots of love, go girl!❤❤

  2. दीदी आप मेकअप बहुत अच्छा करते हो मुझे आपका मेकअप बहुत पसंद है

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