Hawaii vs Nebraska Highlights | LLWS Winners Bracket | 2021 Little League World Series Highlights

Hawaii and Nebraska played in the Winners Bracket in the 2021 Little League World Series.

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  1. If you stay on the ground and make the center fielder come over to pick the ball up, you'd better be hurt enough to have to leave the game. Giving up an in the park home run because you cant track the ball properly or get up after you fall. That wouldn't be my kid

  2. Maui and Oahu have strong little leagues with a lot of talent. I live close to the ball parks if I see a game I will stop and watch some good baseball. Everyone has a great attitude and competitive spirit. Good Coaching and fundamentally sound play.

  3. Nebraska would have won the game in regulation innings if it weren't for errors. They bobbled half of the balls they fielded. Congrat's to Hawaii, they are a very solid team that chip away at the defense.

  4. The Hawaii kids can pitch, they can hit, but most importantly, they play solid fundamental defense. They might make a physical error, but never a mental one. You never see them throw to the wrong base. On that inside-the-park homer, the Nebraska centerfielder didn't back up the right fielder, so it took forever to retrieve the ball when the right fielder went down. Hawaii kids back each other up. The Hawaii pitchers don't overpitch, so you rarely see a wild pitch like you do with other teams in tight situations. Hawaii has scored three or four runs so far on wild pitches, I think. Offensively, they're aggressive and smart. They know that with the pitch count, pitchers have to throw strikes, so chances are you'll get a good pitch to hit early in the count. And they trust each other and know that big plays can come from anyone. Many of the other teams rely on one great player to carry them, the kid who can throw 80 mph and hit 250 foot homers. But they play a team game and it works for them. All of the Hawaii championship teams have these qualities in common.

  5. I’m all about the sportsmanship in little league, but when your team just gave up a 3 run bomb to have the game tied why is the 3rd baseman high giving the hitter? When you’re getting crushed or crushing someone then give the knuckles but not in that situation

  6. We played this team, they beat us by 1 in Maui. It was a close game, these teams up in the World Series aren’t even good, the only team that’s good is Hawaii. Let’s go Hawaii!

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