HAWAII – WAIKIKI – Night Street Scenes – Transition from beaches to restaurants/nightclubs

Hawaii Walking Tour / Join me for a stroll around the heart of Waikiki as beach goers return to their hotels, and emerge for an exciting night on the town. Feel the energy build as night falls on Waikiki!

June 2021

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ハワイ 4K
Walk Hawaiiは音楽やトーク無し テキストなしで見られる、そのままのハワイの今を感じられるバーチャルハワイツアーを配信しています





  1. Went to Puerto Rico two weeks ago , for my first flight/vacation . Now that I’ve gotten over my fear of flying , I’m looking into Hawaii for my 27th bday in February ! I’m speaking it into existence LOL

  2. Thank you to all the toursit not following hawaiis covid protocols…..we are now in an upward trend In positive cases with more tourism. From an average of 20 postive cases last month….now we just had 105 positve cases. Most of them clusters linked to tourism.
    Hawaii will be locked down again soon.

  3. Aloha my band Trouble in Paradise busks in front of Eggs and Things most Saturday nights. Be great if you could come film us. We usually gather a good size crowd and play the island vibes😎🤙

  4. Very nice. No graffiti, no violent far left extremist protestors, no police bashing or homeless attacking the tourists.
    Everything seems civilized and people enjoying life. Many sexy women walking around! Nice video!

  5. Aloha! This video shows it all..people walking around without any direction direction at all. Walking walking back in forth, dressed with no fashion in mind no Hawaii Flower Shirts. These tourists look like there homeless.

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