HAWAII, We're Getting FAT

Hawaii, we are getting fat, including myself. I admit that I gained weight this past year in Hawaii. Too many Hawaiian plate lunches and local snacks. Not enough exercise, hiking, or walking on the beach. Maybe people think that everyone in Hawaii is fit and young and tanned and beautiful, but that’s not always the case. I’m not here to shame anyone, but just to say that it is hard to not get fat in Hawaii. So I want to talk about three reasons why it’s so easy to get fat in Hawaii and at the end of the video, I’ll share a little about how I lost over ten pounds over the past few months without much exercise.

Intro – 0:00
Reason 1: Food – 1:19
It’s Also Access to Healthy Food – 2:45
Reason 2: Bad Eating Habits – 4:30
Where My Bad Habits Started – 5:27
Reason 3: Lack of Exercise – 6:50
How I Lost Over 10 Pounds Without Much Exercise – 9:35

(Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and please consult your PCP)

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Sources about adult obesity in Hawaii and lack of exercise:

Hawaii ranks near bottom of states in percentage of obese adults, study finds


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  1. I def noticed the food difference from Hawaii and the mainland. Hawaiians eat more carbs overall. Rice is with everything. It kinda gets old honestly. Also noticed greens are harder to come by.

  2. So So SOOOO true!!! I have to agree 100% about the unhealthy habits of trying to get the most for our buck! I didn't look at it that way but it does make a lot of sense. Hawai'i is such a foodie state…. junk foods especially! Great job on making healthy changes! Today I decreased my Starbucks coffee size from a venti to a grande. Does that count? LOL

  3. Sweetie, people in Hawaii have BEEN fat. Eating is a cultural thing and the aunties will push and push you to eat. The ingredients are packed with sodium. It’s a miracle that the life expectancy is so long there.

  4. Lol. You gotta watch Authentically Charles's channel. He is in Hawaii and he unashamedly eats like a king.

    Seriously though, if you're concerned about your diet, remember; eat less calories than you burn, and stay away from added sugar and fatty, and deep fried, and heavy cream and dairy. You're alright, man. Mahalo.

  5. Great video! Yes….our diet has so much sugar, sodium and fat. 😔. Hard to pass by those ready made bentos and musubis at 7-11. Or the bbq chicken and garlic shrimp plates at L&L.

  6. 10:41 PCP???? (Pause) Oh…personal care provider. Gotcha. There aren't too many gyms on Oahu. Planet Fitness by Ala Moana Mall. The open one at Ala Moana Park. The workout area on the walk to Diamond Head. Iron Hawaiian in Kaka'ako, I believe. I went to World Gym when it was there (that's how far back I go). A few 24 hrs, sucks that the one in Waikiki closed. There's a lot of fitness options. But there just needs to be the motivation and then time. Intermittent is good. Keto is good, too. I actually lost a lot of weight when I lived there-cutting costs, mainly. Plus I did an absolute ton of walking there.

    Mahalo for your video.

  7. I stay miss Hawaii, nothing like the food in Hawaii, been away too long but I stay about to retire so I stay thinking to come home back to Oahu if God willing 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  8. too much malasada’s , plate lunch, bento, shave ice and spam brah.
    there’s a misnomer that Hawaii is all about ‘healthy” eating because people want to believe it’s so. The local diet isn’t like that..it’s convenience and processed foods. And yes healthy is expensive.. take a look around AlaMoana food court and see what’s going on.

  9. I really question the statistics because that jump seems a little unbelievable but here is the elephant in the room: STRESS. How stressed are we in Hawaii? I feel constantly stressed and that compromises everything – how we eat, exercise, sleep. The cost of living is killing us, literally.

  10. Every year (excluding pandemic) I would go to Hawaii for 3 weeks to visit my friends and family. I would gain an average of 7 pounds. Everytime I met up with someone, it would always involve EATING. And damnit, Hawaii has the best food in the world, so no can say NO. 😅🤙

    When I go back home, I go back to working out 5x a week with my trainer and back to better eating.

  11. At my day job as a personal trainer, I talk about food all day. One thing I tell clients is that, yes, usually unhealthy food is “cheaper,” but the long term health costs are higher.

  12. It's very interesting. I wonder how the Japanese people who settled in Hawaii eat? Did they change their habits to eat a lot more than in Japan or do they stick to Japanese portions? If you eat Japanese food, Japanese sizes and walk anywhere that is within 10 minutes' walk you won't have that problem. When I stayed in Honolulu, I went to buy o bento for lunch, I often chose grilled fish on rice and a miso soup it was cheap and healthy but Japanese size (sold by a Japanese in Waikiki, only Japanese people (apparently local expat workers) were in the line when I went. In restaurants in the US, I find that the appetizer portions are just fine.

  13. "cuz i can" as a senior to da "why you walking or biking?". mistaken and exposure to homeless was happening. COVID got me to lazy and dangerous health. "naaah" excuse works for me nowadays. takumeze takumkea

  14. I always did find it ridiculous that healthy food are more expensive than junk food. You would think it would be the opposite. I often notice people on Oahu are either really fit or they are overweight of various proportions. I manage to keep myself slim after years of effort but my weakness is still sweets.

  15. No worry, we (fans) understand. You're a young married parent of a young one. Keeping up with him, taking turns with the spouse is necessary to keep sanity. You're also a main provider and work requires time. Try to have light smaller meals (instant oatmeal, toast, fruit, granola bar morning), smaller meals throughout the day, a quick bite. BTW (130 pds) is still like teenage weight, where breaking higher than 120-130 for local asian males was normal. Wait till you get parents' age. Ayah. Also remember, not as active as younger days, when as teens, we burned off calories galore. Do what you can, stay active and moderate the meals like you're doing. Stay good.

  16. Are you familiar with People's Open Market (POM)? Apparently they sell affordable fresh produce so that locals can eat better. I've never been to one, but am curious about it

  17. Definitely agree! There's a saying… 90% of your body is made in the kitchen. It's hard, but I try to just eat a smaller portion when in Hawaii so that I can still enjoy the local food, maybe share a dish between 2 people. Also, up the activity level (just hiked pink pillbox yesterday, and wish I could do it every day to stay in shape!) like an hour of swimming every day plus hitting step count.

  18. You lose weight at the dinner table, and build muscle at the gym. Exercise is important, but it doesn’t burn off all the excess calories.
    Eat sensibly and keep your serving sizes small. That is how to maintain a healthy weight.

  19. Get rid of that mac n cheese and rice! I gained weight in Hawaii on vacation and came home and stopped eating carbs and dropped 20 lbs in a very short time🤙🏼 Looking forward to eating smarter and exercising more on next trip to Oahu😁

  20. I admire and appreciate your honesty! And that's why I always wonder about the foodies with the video food vlogs (which I love by the way!) I wonder if they still have problems with it even if they try to work out!

  21. Please anyone, everyone, don’t even read these diet recommendations in the comments. Spare yourself from every Commenter turned “expert” telling you what to do. If you need help, contact a registered dietician. They can work with you to make it affordable if your insurance won’t.

  22. You seem to get a lot of walking exercise when you make your videos. Talking and walking like you do exerts a lot of energy much like an aerobics instructor. You have encouraged me to lose weight. I will try your example of 8/16. Eating during 8 and fasting 16 makes a lot of sense. I like the shout out to your wife for her good cooking.

  23. Congratulations! Thanks for making this video and hopefully you motivate some folks to do the same! I too lost a bunch just by fasting 14-10 or sometimes just 12-12. The pandemic is the reason I started because when it first came upon us no one had any idea how bad it would get, or what shortages we would have so I just made myself eat only to survive, no binge eating, no treats, nothing. I rationed everything and by default started loosing weight. It taught me that I could live just fine on a moderate portion of food each day and for that I am thankful. This has since turned into a habit that I still have and swear by. I never get hungry on my off hours either, not once have I had a craving for food in between and this is something that I NEVER thought was possible for someone who has grazed all day long his entire life. I of course have treats now and occasion I will have something that is just filled with calories and grease but that is a rarity. And the money I have saved on doing so is noticeable as well. Mahalo and best wishes to you and your family!

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