Hawaiian Hotel Safety Failures

I thought I wouldn’t find much… I was wrong!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Start the Travel
2:48 Checking the Smoke Detector
4:21 Searching for Fuse Panel
5:37 Checking the Fuse Panel and Power Line
7:29 Checking the Power Outlet
9:30 Testing the GFCI Outlets
13:14 Summary of Failures
14:52 Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022



  1. یعنی مهدی اون سازمان بدبختی که به تو هتل داده اگر این فیلم روببینه ، با اینترپل میاد سراغت با این کارایی که تو کردی توی هتل 😂😂😂

  2. Nice. You were on my island and didn't look me up. I forgive you. But I could have warned you about local electricians. I never saw a house here built to code yet.

  3. Mehdi I agree with you, but this hotel has had the same smoke detectors for the past 38 years. I doubt it is a budget problem due to current events lol..

  4. The real surprise is that he didn't hired the "electrical room" for himself. Those explotions made his brain suffer and makes him missing good chances tho 🙁

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