Hawaii's Feral Cat War

Yet another (cat)strophe is coming to head in Hawaii. There are too many feral cats roaming what’s considered the ‘extinction capital of the U.S’. But animal advocates can’t agree on how to control the outdoor cat population. Many conservationists insist on an unpopular but necessary solution: removing cats from the landscape. But that gets controversial when it involves America’s second favorite pet.

Note: Kauai Humane Society does not practice TNR.

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  1. Why don’t they just build a cat sanctuary? That’s caged to make sure they don’t get out but ferales still get to live outside but controlled. Of course I still believe they should be euthanized.

  2. you would think that there is some type of a drug that could be given to them to sterilize the cats – I'm probably way off on this but the cats absolutely do not need to be on the islands

  3. From Australia,wish you I all the best ,
    Hope you get rid of them all.
    They are destroying Australia's wildlife.
    It's simple kill all the cats or in 30 yrs have no bird's.

  4. Fixed cats still catch birds. Unfortunate fact. Have to keep them indoors otherwise they will hunt for food or fun. Everyone should fix their Cat. My neighbour had 3 unfixed Cats and they started reproducing. Within a couple of years there were 40 I could count. Fix your cat. I have done so with all of mine and I love them dearly. They are all indoors since one tried to attack a Doberman pincher and another one was nearly flown away for dinner by a large owl. The cats are safer indoors and so are the birds.

  5. Those people leashing them inappropriately are terrifying!! That is so abusive. You have to do it in a certain way and take time to make the cat like it!

  6. Humans are so arrogant and stupid. If you think it's fine to kill cats because they're "invasive species", that's the same as saying killing humans is fine, because we're also invasive species. Believe me when I say that we humans have caused more harm to the environment and to other species than cats will EVER do.

  7. I have 2 cat children and I adore love them very much they are spayed. I watch them closely everyday when I walk them in backyard I've trained them to stay in the yard and I won't let them leave my yard or hunt kill birds in backyard. We have pet budgies and my cats don't bother them. You can train your cats to not attack kill wild birds or pet birds. Also I keep my cats well fed. My cat children are wonderful and beautiful animals they never bite me 🥰

  8. As a hardcore cat lover, other people that love cats piss me off. My grammas trailer park was full of feral cats and they would ataack other cats, small dogs, and generally murder anything around. Feral cats are horrible little shits, keep your cats inside.

  9. Interesting how the cat advocates are against the ethical deaths of a few members of a species with a population of 370 million but are totally okay with the violent extinction of a dwindling and extremely important population. If gently euthanizing a few cats is "murder", then the cats themselves are committing genocide.

  10. Cat's are a danger to endemic species wherever they go.
    They are highly adaptable, they reproduce fast, they are ruthless hunters.
    Let us hope cats never evolve to twice our size (or we'll have to take drastic action with catnip)

  11. I have a cat, "castration"share a meal with a person in need if you can and that's way better to feel better native birds are very important due to the ecosystem nature of Hawai and the world.

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