HIDDEN GEM FOOD TRUCK in PARKING LOT! || [Kalihi, Oahu, Hawaii] Sliders, Fries, Dessert!

ALOHA🌺 If you’ve ever been to Home Depot parking lot you probably passed this hidden gem food truck in Kalihi of Oahu, Hawaii! They are a local food truck that offers sliders, made to order fries, and dessert too!
We want to highlight local businesses in Hawaii and we try to support as many local businesses as we can!

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We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
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HIDDEN GEM FOOD TRUCK in PARKING LOT! || [Kalihi, Oahu, Hawaii] Sliders, Fries, Dessert!



  1. You know its good when juices are flying everywhere 😋 Btw Felix, loved how you slipped in that compliment to Amanda 😉 Oh man, all the food looked soooooo gooooddddd!

  2. Love this A&F! May I ask a non-foodie question directed to Amanda? (it's a girlie thing) What are the color and brand of the foundation you are wearing? And the lipstick (shade and brand)? LOVE IT!!! Makeup is perfect for filming, Amanda. Also good to see Felix sans wrist/hand ace. Hope OT is going well for you.

  3. Welcome back to da eats!! Love your video. What kind of camera you guys are shooting with?? Great job on your house set up video. You guys should have just bought already made furnitures..mo easy to set up.

  4. Perfect fries for you both. The sliders look like they made with heart. ❤️❤️❤️ Poutine. Of course I’m into you guys, getting ready to fill my house with your voices everyday. Thanks Amanda&Felix for squeezed in a foodies video while busy getting your new home together.😘😘

  5. I can’t wait to try this place. They appeared on my DoorDash this morning and I’m trying the items you guys did 😭 I also seen you guys at target a couple days ago but I was too shy to say hi 🥺

  6. My list of food places to try while watching your videos is getting long. I keep checking the ones I've visited and then I have to add new places when another foodie video pops up.
    I've grown to love Amanda. She can eat. No dainty nibbling bites for her on camera. C'mon, you go to local parties and you barely open your mouth to take a bite? Nope, Amanda knows how to get the full flavor and experience of eating and enjoying food.
    I was surprised in your moving in videos to see Amanda without makeup, especially in videos for public consumption? Then I realized this girl is REAL.
    I'm so glad I'm subscribed to your site.

  7. So glad to see you guys out enjoying yourselves. I love hearing the Zebra Doves in the background, we don't have those in Minnesota. The sandwiches and fries look so great. Have a lot of fun picking out your first 🎄 Christmas tree and all the beautiful ornaments. Save some of your sandwich for sweetheart Lucy🐾❤🌟

  8. OMG!!! Amanda!!!! FLEETWOOD MAC!!!! My Favorite Songs, SARA< GYPSY<DREAMS!!!! Such A Solid Band!!!!!! But My Favorite Bands, Top 5, 1- LED ZEPPELIN, 2 VAN HALEN, 3 AC/DC, 4 AEROSMITH ,5 ROLLNIG STONES< What Do You Think? Keep Bloging And ROCK ON!!!!!!

  9. Daily vlogs til Christmas? It's the bomb! I'm so excited! I don't think I'd have the patience to drive to a park to eat. I'd have eaten in the car in the parking lot. Gotta ask, what is chantilly?

  10. All that good food in one place. So awesome. And good job with your unexpected guest. You never know how they might react. Hopefully he has someplace to go. Can't wait for your daily vlogs.

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