High Speed Wahoo Trolling in Hawaii – Catch – Sell – Clean – Cook

A half day fishing trip with some high speed wahoo (ono) trolling to save the day. With an epic catch and cook at the end!

For the lures I make check out MorrisLures.com 🤙
Next Lure drop is Friday July 22nd, 4pm HST, 10pm EST

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Reel Adventures Hawaii Hat
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Reels used Shimano 130 Tiagra
Shimano Tiagra

Leader Line is Jinkai 300 Pound Test
Jinkai Monofilament Leader

Chrimps 2.2mm for 300lb Jinkai Leader
Hi-Seas Mini Double Barrel Sleeves

AFW Econo Crimping Pliers

Ry’s Poke and Shave Ice
99-016 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, Hi



  1. ouch that gaff job… better not happen again otherwise you aint gonna live it down… another awesome vid. love having royboi back.also .. why not put up the lures.. if not on the shelf dont expect it to sell… if you have it, put it up. note down what each lure caught. wont sell if its not there my man.

  2. Hey Captain I always throw out comments before the end of the video. You could be a chef, but you Captain, a father, a son, the husband and a hard worker. Less is more on the table, great styles, personally I wouldn't dress that sashimi with anything. I just like the taste of the fish, butter kine

  3. Cpt Nick, you stay on point bruddah. 54 lbs my guess, appreciate how you keep the crew on alert. O'no might not beat you to death but will cut you deep, you know the gaf had to stay in and then cave in their head. Best sashimi, all fired up here in the 32903 🤙🏼

  4. Mean brahddah nick.. catch em early go home early and still have time for the family. Awesome.. plus a meal to feed the family, no can go wrong with that… another good video brahddah.. question brahddah nick how can I put on an order for 2 100%?

  5. Cousiiiin Nick hanapa'a I'm coming back for more of dah on the water action bradah! Roy will be getting his Captains License soon $$$$$ no more deck handing. Hey Nick do you have very many big scratches on the green paint from gaffing and batting just curious? Minute 9:51 there's money on the ground!

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