Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu,Oahu Hawaii USA – 2022 – 01 – 17

Resting your brain will change your life.
It’s a diamond made by imitating the evolution of living things.
evolutionary algorithmic diamond
The app was designed to have diamonds imitating the evolution of living things that might create life. Glass fragments in the shape of organic bodies can also be thought of as the shape of shattered DNA or as the shape of new life forms. We move them into a digital environment and evolve over generations using genetic algorithms.

You can adjust the number of times and the time it takes for these digital organisms to achieve the last generation of deformation.
Each user can get a slightly different result.
Each time an object undergoes a generational transformation, it is automatically Zoomed into an object and then Zoomed out, allowing you to adjust the screen yoursel

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