How Each Hawaii Five-O Cast Member Died

Hawaii Five-O was a television show that aired on the CBS network from 1968 to 1980, lasting for 12 seasons. The show centered around a fictional police force that solved big crimes around the Hawaii area, and was filmed on location in the state. The show helped popularize the state in the eyes of the mainstream, though some stars of the show felt that it promoted negative Hawaiian stereotypes.

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Actor Jack Lord starred on Hawaii Five-O as Steve McGarrett. Steve was a retired naval officer that was recruited by Governor Paul Jameson to lead the police force that the show centered around. Actor Richard Denning played Governor Paul Jameson, and both he and Jack have passed away since appearing on the show.

In addition to Hawaii Five-O popularizing its Hawaii setting, it also offered a vantage point to many native Hawaiian entertainers that might not otherwise have gotten a chance to enter into the mainstream. Such stars included Hawaiian stand-up comedian Zulu, who played the character of Kono Kalakaua over the course of the show’s first four seasons.

Hawaiian musician and actor Moe Keale is another Hawaiian artist that offered his talents to Hawaii Five-O, featuring in a recurring role during the show’s final season. Like Jack and Richard, both Zulu and Moe have passed away since Hawaii Five-O came to an end.

There are many other former cast members of Hawaii Five-O that have passed away since the show aired its final episode. Some of these actors appeared in minor roles, while others appeared in a much larger amount of the show’s many episodes. As with the aforementioned stars, many of these actors also met their end after lending their talents to the show. Join Facts Verse as we explore how each Hawaii Five-O cast member died.

How Each Hawaii Five-O Cast Member Died