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happy sunday pretty chicas! in today’s video i’m explaining step-by-step how i made this whole hawaiian adventure happen! comment below where your DREAM HOME is!!! for anyone that’s second guessing themselves or wondering if they should take that chance and step out of their comfort zone: DO IT!! life is so short and the memories I’ve made here are worth a lifetime. I couldn’t feel more lucky and blessed to be able to call this place my home until august. thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. SO MANY GREAT TIPS IN THIS VIDEO! Living somewhere for a few months is something I would love to try and this video has definitely helped me start to figure out what the process would be!!

  2. I love this video so much!!! I went to Hawaii to march in the Pearl Harbor parade back in 2016 and I instantly fell in love! I want to do pr/hr for a company in Hawaii because I just love it so much. I am going to college in Pennsylvania but am thinking about transferring to the university of Hawaii for business. What is your opinion on how to go about it?

  3. I live in the DMV (on the East coast) and in my county $1500 is the average renting price for a one bedroom apartment.xp It gets higher the closer you live to D.C.xp

  4. Depending on the area, rent might not really be that cheaper. I had an internship a little north of Pittsburgh in an up-incoming area, and rent was really expensive. Since I was only there for 3 total months, they charged me an extra $200 a month for having a short-term lease. The experience was amazing, and I loved my apartment, so I wouldn’t change anything! Just be aware that it could be expensive, especially if you are living by yourself, and if you want to live close to where everything is.

    Thanks for the video – hopefully this motivates others to do what you did!!

  5. With your hair back like in the beginning, it looks like you cut your hair. It would be so cute! Like collarbone length 😍 it looks good long too lol. Random comment 😬

  6. loved this video! soo inspiring!! I’m literally dying to go to Hawaii, crossing my fingers that I’ll get to live there at some point in my life (:

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