HOW I SEE IT: HAWAII is here and its filled with urban MTB downhill, freeride lines, skateparks, bike tricks, hot girls, driving a Ferrari through Honolulu and a crazy helicopter ride!

This video is filled with mountain bike action on the streets and mountains of Oahu, Hawaii. This place is an absolute paradise filled with loads of great riding, along side doing tricks, hill bombs and backflips me and Max Fredriksson go about swerving through the Waikiki traffic on mountain bikes at high speed shocking passers by and having the best time ever, I have to say this is the best HOW I SEE IT video ever!! We managed to find sick street spots, hot girls, a big outdoor concrete park, super car rental, massive drainage ditches and some amazing views of this crazy island! Our journey starts on the fabled north shore in the Turtle bay resort where numerous Hollywood movies were filmed we then make our way into Honolulu via helicopter then make our way back to the hotel before dark while cramming in as much fun as possible!!

I hope you enjoy the video!



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