Huge Hawaii Clothing Haul | Moving To Hawaii

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I can’t believe we are moving to Hawaii! Here are some of the new pieces I added to my closet for summer! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. your last videos were you getting rid of so much stuff and now you bought like 500 worth of clothes before you even left 😭 damn girl. take a step back and be humble for a sec.

  2. Fun fact, doorways are actually one of the weakest points in a structure. You gonna get squished. Get under a sturdy table and protect your neck and head

  3. Congrats on moving to Hawaii! The home is beautiful. I love the pieces especially the palm print romper, red dress, and pink Sunday dress. Do you want to change your style for the different times of year?

  4. Hi Angelique,

    Welcome to Hawai‘i!!! Cute outfits !! You should check out 33 butterflies, Adore, Mahina and Eden in Love. I feel like a lot of the style of clothing in this video, you can find similar pieces in these local boutiques 🙂

  5. Hi Angelique! I love your Poshmark closet but now that everything is listed as “Not For Sale” it makes finding your real listings super difficult. Would you consider deleting the things you don’t actually have anymore? Thanks!

  6. Adorable
    Little tip: ( you may usually do this, but we're tying quickly for the video) when tying bows on clothing if you want them to be straight and not do the weird sideways thing when you do the part where you wrap it around the middle wrap it the opposite way of what is natural, and the bow will sit straight. I was unbelievably excited when I learned this little trick.

  7. For "OUR" RED DIRT…THAT STAINS…& any other stain that you have problems getting out of your clothes "here"… FIND… GRANDMA'S OLD FASHION STAIN REMOVER! – IT IS AWESOME @ REMOVING STAINS "HERE IN HAWAI'I"… ALOHA & E KOMO MAI…💞Aloha From Hawai'i💞🌹Lyssa🌹

  8. So excited for you guys and your adventures in Hawaii! These outfits are darling – perfect for your new home and your sunny personality! 💕

  9. Been watching Sawyer since a few years before you guys started dating and have been watching your channel since you've had it, I am so excited to see where your journey to Hawaii will take you! You both seem so happy in his latest vlog he posted, your positivity radiates through the screen. Keep up the amazing content Angelique! ♥

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