I Ate The World's HEALTHIEST Diet while traveling to Hawaii (VLOG)

I ate the world’s HEALTHIEST diet while traveling to Hawaii (VLOG) …

just kidding, LOL!! we’re all about balance over here. but we do have a couple super fun days in store full of lots of delicious food and adventures. we also have an erewhon grocery haul (since I did a quick vacation to LA), exploring the island of Oahu, yoga, workouts and chill morning routines at 5am 🙂

Erewhon is basically a SUPER expensive grocery store in Los Angeles so we have a big food haul and taste test of all their plant based, vegan, gluten free, etc etc etc desserts!! can’t wait to start filming more vlogs for you guys in Hawaii… what videos do you want to see next from me? I definitely want to film my hawaii morning routine and my Sunday reset routine (with meal prep and all that!) soon

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