1. It definetky doesn't count its a good thing you didn't get out gangs are everywhere I had fun in San Francisco Airport had a beer met a cool business dude who saw I was broke and we were gonna be sitting next to eachother. He split his chicken nachos with me and used his card something to do with frequent flyer miles so I could watch TV on the flight back to Ontario Airport. Watched impractical jokers

  2. I remember getting to our villa in Costa Rica at midnight after driving 12 hours through jungles and farm scape with Alex our driver. That was 17 years ago and i think about that trip everyday.

  3. UK 🇬🇧 viewer here, 11hrs is nothing for me, in December 2014 I flew from London to Honolulu via Washington and Los Angeles, spending just 1 night in Hawaii before flying back to the UK. I chose to stop off overnight in Washington so in all I spent 2 nights in the US and 2 nights onboard flying eastbound back from Honolulu (overnight HNL-LAX) – DCA (Regan Airport and then overnight IAD (Dulles Intcl Airport) – LHR (London Heathrow). Love Hawaii! Aloha from London! 🇬🇧

  4. I’m going to Hawaii and since I live in Connecticut I have to fly to Georgia, then California, then I get to Hawaii. It’s like 14 hours of flight time but we have to wait a few hours at the airport

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