1. I lived in Hawaii for many years and yes most of what she said is true but for the most part the Hawaiians are a proud and loving people. Honolulu is a world class modern cosmopolitan city on Oahu Hawaii and you can do just about anything that you can like in any other major city. But while living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  2. This lady is an idiot. Huge mis-characterization of us polynesian people🤦🏽‍♂️. We're American citizens, not Neanderthals…🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Visited Big Island and Oahu 5 years ago. Beautiful islands indeed. Also inhabited by openly racist, anti-white angry people. They don't care what country you came from – if you're white, you're not welcome, and they will show you. I tried my hardest to show respect, but it was never good enough. Drug addicts everywhere, Honolulu looks like the Skid Row in LA. Extremely expensive. So much for "Aloha Spirit". I will never ever return.

  4. Ive spent some time in the islands and I think she does a good job of sharing what its like, while keeping the conversation flowing while Joe shares the standard derrrppppppp.

  5. I live in Oregon, in our seaside town theres a lot of hawaiians living here. Wonderful folks, they cannot afford to live in Hawaii. We went twice as our church group was involved with one there. We met lifelong friends. They taught me how to do things and the ways they have. We might have gone 20 times as a tourist and not made friends like we did with the church group.. one man said he had to sell his families house, at that time it was over a million and looked like a shotgun shack..

  6. she should be politician for talking that much without saying anything..! enjoying yourself and dont give a crap about the people living there.. and after we still wonder why whites are hated all around the world!

  7. Lol. Its only Californian who have problems. We went all over the islands and people were super nice to us, except for people from cali. Seriously, a lady tried to preach us because they have a 3 week timeshare and that makes her "local". We spend more time there then her, yet she felt obligated to explain us what she thinks we need to be like while on "her land" the lady is a European based out of LA 😅🤣😂 "warriors" were totally cool and we even got an invitation from a local store to work there if we decide to stay. Be humble, guys and gals and people won't "worrior" you. People are people

  8. Our ancestors had tons of leisure time, did NOT spend all day finding food until they were tired. They danced, took psychedelics, explored and had fun.
    Amazing how people say that false info as if it’s fact

  9. Yes.i have traveled to many places, alone…and I can say I felt really alone in Hawaii. It was pretty, but I felt like it was a LOT of alone time, and I was only there for 3 nights.

  10. I will never forget the 6 years I spent living in the Hawaiian Islands. The scenery is remarkable, the ocean is magical, but the "locals" totally ruin it. Countless times I remember having random Hawaiian "locals" who I had never met before, come up to me on the beach or in the water and say things like, "Hey you f***ing Haole, get out of here or we are going to cut you up and feed you to our pigs," and they were as serious as a heart attack. For those that don't know, the term "Haole" is a derogatory term used for white people, kind of like "Cracker" or "Woodpecker". Hawaii is full of some of the most degenerate, illiterate, uneducated, lazy, xenophobic a**holes I have ever met in my life. And what is ironic is that most of these "locals" are descendants of immigrants themselves, having grandparents or great grandparents that came to the islands in waves of migrations from far-flung places like Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines and Portugal to work in the sugar cane or pineapple fields. Thank God I discovered the 7,100 islands of the Philippines, where living in the tropics is affordable, youngsters still respect their elders, and where its citizens follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, every time I fly to the Philippines from Los Angeles, I take a giant turd about 5 hours into the flight and flush it into the atmosphere to remind me of what Hawaii means to me. I will never waste my time or money on Hawaii ever again, not even for a free stopover.

  11. Just visited Hawaii (Oahu) for the first time & while I loved it & stayed busy the whole week I know I could never live there full time. We drove the whole island in a couple hrs. She’s right, you’d get bored pretty fast. And just claustrophobic knowing you’re surrounded by water. I’d go crazy. Plus like every other place there’s homelessness, drugs etc..

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