If you’re thinking about visiting Hawaii and you LOVE outdoor activities, Kauai is the island to visit. Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or simply just enjoying the beach, here is how to spend a few days doing the best things in Kauai.

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  1. *CORRECTION* The waterfall we kayaked and hiked to at 8:29 is actually called "Secret Falls", NOT Wailua Falls. Thanks to those who have been kind enough to let me know of my mistake. I could only imagine how irked I'd be if someone didn't accurately say the name of a major landmark in my hometown. Lessons learned to pay better attention to detail for future vlogs 😬

  2. Kaua'i is my favorite get away island, from the busy island of O'ahu. Ohana is from Lihue area. lots of chickens loose on O'ahu as well, lol. My favorite places to eat there are JJ's Broiler and Gaylords at Kilohana.

  3. Thanks for making this video. I’m going to Kauai for the first time this fall and looking forward to the hiking. Your videos are very well done. If you ever get around to make a San Diego one and would like local recommendations let me know.

  4. I'll be honest, one of the appeals to this is the host's utter beauty. I thought "I'll watch the first minute or so." 17 min's later… Woman is so full and filled with beauty, I was utterly captivated. Great job capturing the footage of the island, too!

  5. Great tour – I love Kauai. On your next visit, check out the Mai Tai's @ Tahiti Nui in Hanalei (from the movie "The Descendants"), the free tour at Koloa Coffee near Port Allen, Art Night in Hanapepe, and the charm of Koloa Town. Oh, and the free rum tasting at Koloa Rum!

  6. Nice to return with you to Kaua’i. My parents lived at Koloa, near Poipu Beach (which incidentally is pronounced Poy-poo, not Po-ee-poo) during the 1970s. Body surfing at Poipu, hiking the Nepali, exploring Waimea Canyon. Fond memories for me. I returned for a month in 1982, lived near Hanalei and performed at the pavilion with an amazing group of local musicians. The end of the road (where the trail takes off for the Nepali) is my favourite area, especially the hidden valley once reserved for the Ali’i. Poor little princess in paradise. Thanks for the tour.

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