KiDS TRY COCONUTS in Hawaii 🥥 Family Finds a Hidden Pirate Beach and Swimming with baby Sea Turtles

enjoy another Best Day Ever and Beautiful Sunset in Hawaii 🌅


Best Coconut Day Ever 1265

Watermelon and cereal for our breakfast routine this morning. Adley and Baby Navey are at a picnic table in the backyard eating food as we enjoy another beautiful day in Hawaii. Jenny comes out to side where she and Adley show us a brand new Hawaiian dance they learned. So good. After breakfast, Jenny and I head down to the beach with Niko Bear and we almost instantly see a turtle out in the water. Jenny and Niko walk out into the water where the turtle comes up right next to them. It’s like a dream come true. We see how big the waves are and decide that we should get the boogie boards and have some family fun.

After swimming and playing in the water, it’s lunch time and we have finally got our hands on some ripe coconuts to try. Adley doesn’t like it, neither does Jenny but Niko and I do and Navey LOVES it! She wants to drink it all. With food in our bellies and extra energy, its time to go back out to the beach and play. We want to find more turtles and also go treasure hunting for seashells. We put on our snorkeling gear and jump in. We find some really cool looking shells, of all different colors and sizes. It doesn’t take us long till we find a family of turtles swimming near by. They are amazing animals and swimming alongside them is so cool. We have been super lucky this trip and love what we’ve been seeing.

We end this best day ever going on a little trip to a place called Sunset Beach, and what do you think we are going to do? Watch the sunset, that’s right!! It’s super beautiful and the beach has tons of tiny shells on it. We play in the sand, the water, and enjoy the end of this best day ever.

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