Live and Direct | New Years Eve 2022 | Hawaii style in Mexico!

Brought to you by popular demand LOL!!! Much love to all of you for watching my New Years Vlogs.. Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve despite the weather conditions we had in Mexico, We all manage to pull through! Thank you everyone once again and Im wishing all of you a Healthy and Blessed Year.❤️..

Dont forget to SMASH that Like Button and comment down below on how your New Years was.. Mahalo Fam!!!🙏🏽🤙🏽



  1. Man you got the best new year professional 1.2G & 1.3G mix fireworks in Hawaii i seen this year I give you much Respect i love you you keep it real with your family & how you show all the food in the garage with your family at the New Year's party the food looks verry good

  2. Uff que bien se mira salir y tronar cuetes toda la cuadra no como en mexico que ya antes que sean las 12 tienes quw meterte porque empiezan la 3ra guerra mundial jajajaja todos tirando balazos

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