Maui Hawaii Travel Guide 2021 | 11 Tips for THE BEST Maui Vacation

11 tips to get you started on your Maui vacation planning! Let two residents give you a tour of Maui: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, and Things to Do. This is our ultimate guide to Maui for 2021.

We will give you a tour of Maui, the Valley Isle from the best beaches, best snorkeling spots, where to stay, and some of our favorite places to eat on Maui. Start with this Maui guide and then explore the rest of our Maui videos. Thanks for watching!

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11 Tips to Visiting Maui, Hawaii
00:00 Intro
01:04 Tip 1: Don’t Miss the Beaches
02:13 Tip 2: Where to stay
04:24 Tip 3: Eat the best food
06:23 Tip 4: Make time to snorkel
07:34 Tip 5: Head up Haleakala…for sunset
08:03 Tip 6: Iao Valley
08:27 Tip 7: Visit Twin Falls
09:06 Tip 8: Don’t Rush the Road to Hana
10:08 Tip 9: Do a farm tour
10:47 Tip 10: Come for whale watching
11:34 Tip 11: Book early in 2021

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  1. Traveling to Maui for the first time (and first even airplane ride too!!) I recently learned from a instagramer that there mentioned to stay away from the fresh water because of bacteria. What is your personal experience with fresh water swimming and bacteria?

  2. Hi Jordan and Erica! Is it easy to get a Uber or cab on Maui? We are planning our Honeymoon to Maui but only plan to stay at 1 hotel. We are on the island for a week and want to be able to explore or go to other hotels/restaurants around the island. We may rent a car but some nights we will want to indulge and not drive. Any tips?! Thanks!

  3. So for American Airlines you fill out the online questions and get a QR code and when you get to the Dallas airport you expect to get a wristband so you can breeze through security in Maui but they tell you the wristband will be given when you get to Hawaii, but then when you get to Maui instead they do scan your QR code but they ask you to take a picture of some items showing that you have gone through the inspection process, then when you exit the American Airlines terminal you show the state rep the photograph you just took, no wristband. That’s the way it worked today.

  4. Thank you guys so much for your tips(especially the “any car gets you around”) saved us lots on gas. We didn’t need to fill up for our 5 days here:)

  5. Me, my girlfriend, and her family recently went to Maui, and your video helped us out so much ! We had hard time figuring out what to do in Maui, and you made our vacation so memorable. We also went to Kihei Food Truck park, and we basically had breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost the entire time we were there. There were so many choices to choose from that we still feel like we missed some really great things to eat. Thank you for sharing, Can't wait to see what you do next.

  6. Kauai vs. Maui for first time Hawaii visitors? We are native Floridians (Sanibel island) so beaches are fine but def more interested in the various other terrains (Mountains/Forests/Waterfalls/Rivers). We have a 5 year old and 2 year old (daughters) that are average swimmers so likely would be spending time at the pool or a calm cove if not exploring the other areas.

  7. We’ve stayed at Lahaina Shores in January of 2020 and January of 2021 and loved it there. It’s small and sits on the beach. You either have a Mountain View or an ocean view. The ocean view is worth the extra money!
    We’ve watched lots of whales from a distance from our balcony there. There was a sea lion that slept on the beach in front of the condo for a day while we was there this year. Nothing like eating breakfast on that balcony and watching the sun come up.
    I’ve been surprised how there’s not many people that mention this place in their videos. We’ve found Maui to be so relaxing and fun that we’re probably headed back there in January of 2022.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I had fun snorkeling at black rock beach today. However, twin falls isn't worth visiting. I wouldn't call it a "hike." It's more like a short walk. The waterfall was just OK, not too impressive. I also didn't feel comfortable swimming there. Be aware, some random people would charge $10 for parking, but I highly doubt it's a scam.

  9. I rarely leave comments on YouTube – but I just have to say thank you for all your educational and informational videos!! Traveling can be a lot of pressure for folks like me (who hasn’t been able to prioritize travel in life so when I do plan a big trip I feel immense pressure to make it the most worthwhile) – but your videos have provided a lot of helpful tips and insight while planning for my November trip 🙂

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