Mom Sues Daughter’s Ex-Friend after Hawaiian Vacation | Part 1

Christina says her daughter’s former friend owes her money for expenses incurred on a Hawaiian vacation.


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  1. It was not a genuine friendship between the daughter and her friend. That's why i don't allow anyone to pay for my child. If i can afford i will send if not i would not long for someone else to pay for my child.

  2. My friend never paid rent he stayed at our house for a while all we did was ask him to help us cause he had the arm muscle but he complained about that and the fact that we were losing in money in gas to take to him everyday to work we said hey can u pitch for gas and that's it he left our house and never talked to us thank goodness cause he never paid for gas but this mother is ridiculous it was a vacation she was doing it to have fun so why sue over something like that idc if they're not friends

  3. I mean if she invited her and payed for it out of the kindness of her heart she shouldn’t expect anything back she is financially struggling and also works at Starbucks for damn sake they don’t pay well enough anyways

  4. 100% if it were boys, first no underhanded comments would have been said, and if they had been said it would have escalated and settled one way or another right there, even if there was bad blood it'd have just forgotten about in few days as both would have felt they went overboard … probly go again on another trip in few months lmao

  5. American never fail to surprise me. Here in middle eat we offer to pay for everything especially if we have guest with us , we never let them pay for anything.

  6. This is my concern in my life living as a migrant in america never to be freinded with nobody cause everything is all about money in america,no disrespect but it's true and I see it as their culture.

  7. Wow ! My mom's friends always paid for me when i was with them, i very chocked by this case, what a horrible person would sue a 19 years old for some money ?!

  8. The ex friend and the daughter look literally like twins, and also why would you sue a 19 year old for a vacation YOU brought them on?!??

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