Morning Session at Pipeline Surf Break in Hawaii 2022

Biggest swell of the year so far, brought plenty of size, but little consistency. Still there were some solid rides at the worlds most famous wave; The Banzai Pipeline.
Surfers include: John John Florence, Nathan Florence, Eli Olson and more…

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  1. One again JJF showing that you can drop in backside and carve a luscious bottom turn without dragging your ass all the way down the face. I have also never seen someone basically pointing and looking back into a pipe wave right when it spit. That was absolutely sick. Oh, what is with those totally obnoxious jet skis all of a sudden? I realize there are safety issues, but they dont have to be right there almost sitting in the lineup….somewhat over the top…..

  2. This is my first trip ever to Hawaii. I'm an east coast surfer who has always wanted to watch Pipe from the beach. Today was amazing. My son and I got our picture with John John (who is just as polite and awesome in person as he seems on camera) and we couldn't be more stoked. So much respect for Da Hui, and especially Eddie and all of the organizers for making the Shootout happen this year. I'll be telling my friends about this day for probably the rest of my life.

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