Our Family Vacation to Kauai, Hawaii // Brittany Xavier

Anthony, Jadyn and I had such a fun time in Kauai, Hawaii!

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  1. Love the egg hunt!! I think it would have been super sweet to hide the rest after she found all of hers and let other kids find them…kinda like a pay it forward!! 🙂

  2. not only have i subscribed but i have also liked the video and turned on notifications! I have the Iphone 5se and its very broken. This iphone 12 would mean the world. Plz notice and enter me in the raffle.

  3. For a sec i was like, she’s so old for Easter eggs, but then I remembered I’m 20 and my mom still makes me do eater egg hunts when i come back from university for summer break so honestly you do u this is everything

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