Queen Liliʻuokalani of Hawaii

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Queen Lili’uokalani was the first Queen Regnant and last monarch of the Islands of Hawaii. She fought to keep her country and people free from the conquest of British and American colonist and preserved her culture and history through music.

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Music: Ukulele Beach by Doug Maxwell

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  1. Let’s hope that Native Americans get the same recognition.
    I am always moved by Iz’s song, somewhere over the rainbow, when will humans learn to live together and not conquer each other. ❤️

  2. At first, I thought Hawaii is an independent country. Because they're too different from the Americans. You know, there's Alaska and then there's Hawaii? The colonization is so obvious.

  3. my history classes never taught us about her, only about the annexation of Hawaii. nothing about the natives, the royal family, or what started it just that it was annexed. i’m so glad that i got to learn about her, she seemed great:)

  4. I’m not Hawaiian, I’m a Hispanic race but I cried so much just seeing how the people suffered along with the queen. She stood in what she believed in. Her land, her people. Her beliefs and she got treated wrong left and right, just breaks my heart. May the queen Rest In Peace and may Hawaiians that fought and still fight for their rights be at peace too 💕

  5. Mahalo Nui Loa. A bit sketchy & you need to improve your pronunciation of the Hawaiian names, but people should go on to read more. Lili'u is considered queen by native Hawaiians. She was way ahead of her time. There has never been a treaty of annexation and the queen left the way open for a case to be submitted to the world court,where it resides. The purpose of King Kalakaua's trip around the world was to sign treaties acknowledging Hawaii's sovereignty. He signed treaties with France, England, Japan and others in 1848 and those treaties stand today.
    Hawaii is a sovereign nation and not just for native Hawaiians. Hawaii had citizens from many countries in Europe and Asia as well as the US who chose to become Hawaiian citizens. Today
    many of those families are present on the petitions, lost for half a century but now found and signatures displayed on the lawn of the Iolani Palace when it celebrates as it does yearly Lili'uokalani's birthday. Read: Lost Kingdom by Julia Flynn Siler. A very fine chronicle of Hawaii's history from Captain Cook onward. This queen is dearly loved to this day.

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