RM Hawaii Kawaii Freestyle Rap – BTS KCON 2014 Fancam

Since this audio has gone viral on tiktok lately, I thought I’d dig this out from my archives too 🤪



  1. wait, I didn't know this went "viral" on tiktok… wtf, I just saw the comments, why do they think is funny?? this is the cutest thing ever

  2. this is reason of why RM is genius
    just game over
    his talant is amazing
    nobody can't stop him
    this is fact
    english is not his native language. but look at his english freestyle rap … 😂

  3. Namjoon in 2021: “Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight”
    Namjoon 7yrs ago: “sHe😎 sAyS😛 sHe😏 sAYs😝shE’s🤩Fr0M hAwAii🌺, U🤨 knOw🤔 hOW t0 sAy🥴cuTe😚 in jApanEse😉? KaWaii🤪”

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