It´s our second day here in Kauai, Hawaii. You know, just another day with the Roxy girls on the magic island 🙂 Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii!

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10 interesting facts about Kauai!

1. Kauai is roughly circular in shape with a diameter of 32 miles and a wide point of only 25 miles. Kauai
covers 552.3 square miles of land and is so small it is measured in acres = 401,280 in total.
2. Kauai coffee is the largest coffee plantation in the United States and Kauai grows more taro than any
other island.
3. Kauai is the northern most island in the Hawaiian chain. Hawaii is the most isolated inhabited land
mass in the world. Kauai is 2390 miles California, 3850 miles from Japan, 4900 miles from China and
5280 miles from the Phillipines.
4. Kauai’s Mt. Waialeale is the Wettest Spot on Earth, averaging 450 inches of rain per year producing e
eight major, majestic waterfalls.
5. Our highest waterfall is Waipoo in Waimea Canyon falling 800 feet; Other beautiful Kauai falls are
Wailua falls in Wailua Valley falling 175 feet; Awini falls in Waimea Canyon falling 480 feet; Opaekaa
Falls in Wailua Valley falling 40 feet; Manawaipuna in Kahili Mountain falling 280 feet; Hinalele falls in
Wainiha Valley falling 280 feet and Kapeka Nui in Makaleha Mtns falling 280 feet.
6. Kauai’s highest mountain is Kawaikini Peak at 5,243 feet.
7. Kauai (and all of Hawaii) is on Hawaii Standard time year round. When the mainland is not on Daylight
savings time, Hawaii is 3 hours behind the westcoast and 6 hours behind the eastcoast. No daylight
savings time in Hawaii!
8. Kauai is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian chain with the largest Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai,
Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe (listed in order of size). The State of Hawaii has 5 Counties and
Kauai is it’s own County.
9. Hawaii has no native land reptiles or amphibians and only two native mammals, the horay bat and the
monk seal. And Kauai is the only island without the pesty mongoose (which were imported to control
rodents and now the mongoose rules!)
10. The Hawaiian Islands were one of the last places on Earth discovered and occuppied by humans. The
first colonies were established by voyaging Polynesians around 400-600 AD. Modern contact was made
by Captain James Cook when he landed on Kauai’s Waimea beach on January 19, 1778.



  1. Ah, now I can understand you perfectly 🙂

    Did they tell you that on the big island of Hawaii, in winter there is snow on Mauna Kea and skiing is possible? (There are no lifts , or anything groomed, but there is a road to the summit because there are observatories – some of the most important in the world – and one can take tours and even stargaze there.)

    If I sometime go to to Hawaii I would definitely drive up there, 4205 meters elevation is no joke, considerung the road begins at sea level 😀

  2. The shaved ice looked very nice! you are making me jealous with all these foods. surroundings over there sure looked beautifull to

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