Solo sailing Los Angeles to Hawaii on 23ft boat

This video documents my trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I spent 27 days alone at sea aboard my small Ranger 23 sailboat.

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  1. I know you have safety lines and your boat is stopped, but you def have to have balls to jump off your boat in the middle of the ocean potentially hundreds of miles from the nearest person. Although I'm sure I too would be diving in head first after a week without a shower.

  2. Idk why you look so familiar🤔🧐…maybe my mind is messing with me, but I feel we've met more than once. My name is Jono. And I frequent the US east coast, Bahamas, and down to USVI. Anyway….keep on keeping on, brother-man.

  3. Good job buddy ,it just shows you how brain washed and stupid people became with this Covid thing,the guy has vaccine ,negative Covid test they still making him wait
    This stupid sort called epidemic is purely power trip bullshit we will never be really free ever again

  4. Hey Sam, love the videos mate and your outlook. I'm a sailing noob and try to learn as much as I can from people like yourself. I notice your coating on the boat i.e. the red bit is a little beat up. Is this purely visual or does it mean you need to do some sort of maintenance? If it's just visual it's sort of comforting knowing that a boat doesn't have to look like a million dollars to do what you are doing.

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