sometimes you need a good cry… Hawaii vlog 2

well then there’s this. hardest video to upload to date truly. It’s scary going online when you feel not at your best let alone going on and crying and showing things aren’t all good. They are pretty bumpy and everyday brings a new challenge. This was filmed just under a month ago and I look at this girl and already feel so proud of where she’s at today. I want this to help any of you experiencing similar emotions, you will come out stronger. I promise you.

I am in Hawaii with the fam!! many updates to come hahah its a bit chaotic rn but we embracing it all cause what else is there to do LOL

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  1. Couldnt relate more, going through my first heartbreak and honestly the sadness feels like it will never go away. I keep waking up super early and stressin so its comforting to know I am not the only one going through this<3

  2. girl we are literally the same. we’re going through the same thing, i’m thinking the things you’re saying, i don’t know my hobbies or favorites of things. thank you, you make me feel like i’m where i’m supposed to be and feel like it’s okay to feel this way.

  3. I resonate with A LOT of the things you're saying. I know this is old, but I do know where you're coming from, it gets better, and I hope your journey gets better. It definitely felt like you were talking to me because I was literally sitting here nodding and just affirming everything you were saying LOL. Great video!

  4. this is immensely inspiring. i cant thank you enough for your vulnerability and sharing your fears, thoughts, and your wisdom. it really boils down to having each other and having community. you got this 🙂

  5. ELLIE READ THE ARTIST WAY. this book was life changing for me but its alllll about getting back to CHILDLIKE mindset like you want and literally finding out what you like. EXACTLY what you said!! Julia Cameron, artist way amaaazing !!! do it

  6. thank u for being real. i used to wonder what i was doing wrong when i would look at your life… which now i’m in a much better mental state but i’ve been watching you for years and have always looked up to u. im proud of u for this it means everything! ❤️

  7. Shawty just get a new one. Honestly, you should find a new boyfriend in Hawaii. Also that talk about being a child again is overthinking. You're good. Like you're literally good you don't need to go that far.

  8. i understand this stage of the first heartbreak, you’re doing so amazing, my first heart break i also ran away to hawaii for two weeks😂😂 my heart is w u<3 sending so much love and positivity

  9. To be honest, the last 6 months I’ve been struggling like you and more.. but now I’m in a great place in my soul and mind.. thankfull for that. So i want to say to you is just give it time, and listen to yourself and trust your heart.. i did that, and I feel that I understood myself, that’s what important. To get to understand is so so so important to feel better.

  10. Your "how your life feels is more important than how it looks" quote hit deep. Thank you Ellie for your vulnerability and showing women that it's okay to not be okay. I know you love working out, so think of your heart healing like a muscle that's been stretched and worked and is a little sore now. After leg day, you may not be able to climb stairs, or arm day wash your hair; your heart is going to feel sore right now because it poured out love. It'll heal, it just takes time and taking it easy, like you're doing. You are a beautiful soul and an incredible role model for many who need it ❤️

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  12. This resonates so so so much with me. I am finally quitting drugs and finding the beauty in life and the world, and I cannot wait for the days, experiences, and people yet to come in my life. This video was extremely important and courageous, and you have earned a new fan in me for sure. <3

  13. I’m sorry Ellie were all here for you. This is personal but literally last night I was watching videos of you and Hannah in Hawaii and started crying because I feel like I’ll never be able to live that and I’m wasting my life. And showing this side of you made me realize it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I knew that before but it just confirmed to meet. So please know you being vulnerable has done so much

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