Spearfishing Catch Clean & Sushi Yellowfin Tuna In Hawaii – Ep. 3 of 5 Hawaii Catch and Cook

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After Meeting up with Ryan Myers in Hawaii for a second time we head out on the water to see if we can Spearfish for tuna and make some amazing wild caught Yellowfin Tuna Sushi. If I had a bucket list Catch Clean and Sushi would have been on it so this is going to be awesome!

Hawaii playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjSScLBAtGMgrLmh5Jrqo6QO1OySeK82d
Finally, Greg Ovens (Ovens Rocky Mountian Bushcraft) and I are together again on a new adventure seven days of catch and cooks in Hawaii. Greg flew all the way from Canada and I from Maine to meet up on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is the first time we’ve had a chance to make videos together in almost two years. Hawaii provides an awesome opportunity for new adventures and wonderful species of fish to catch and cook as well as goats, wild pigs, chickens, and lobsters. This is going to be an adventure you don’t wanna miss.

For more great spearfishing videos check out Ryan Myers Expeditions: https://www.youtube.com/c/RyanMyersExpeditions

See Greg Ovens adventure on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXKbw-Ab6ms&t=4804s

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  2. I placed an order on the website a week ago. All items were in stock. No shipping info and no return communication from the "contact us" form. Is everything okay or are the changes to the site not functioning properly? I've place a few orders in the past without issue or delay.

  3. Nice job with that tuna Ryan, you definitely know what you are doing. I only wish that I was there sampling some of your Hawaiin hospitality, I am jealous! Great video guys🐟

  4. I just got back from the post office and got my Adventure Box. I only opened it enough to see the papers (love the drawings as directions) and the sling shot sitting on top. This thing is packaged very well. Can't wait to put Woodoboo on everything as suggested.

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