Sustainability-Focused Events, Products, Branding & Strategy – Japan, Hawaii & Beyond | JJ + Tove

Today’s Topics:
00:00 JJWalsh & Tove Kinooka Intro
00:35 Hawaii vs Japan
01:00 Little Hands Product
02:15 Ichion Forum ESG Event
05:11 Women Inspire Event
06:13 Women in Law Event
09:34 Re-Use Hawaii Deconstruction
11:30 One Young World
15:23 Online Courses Sustainability
19:45 Ahead of compliance
20:43 Hacking Sustainability BCCJ
23:50 Plastic Pollution Japan Tap
25:15 Going back to natural solutions
26:00 Plastic Bag Ban Hawaii
28:00 Sustainable Competitiveness
29:00 Just Enough BOOK Azby Brown
30:00 Thanks everyone – take care!

* Little Hands Mineral Suncream in Plastic-Free Packaging, Reef-Safe, Made-In-Hawaii
* Standford – South Korea Forum ESG Event – the S in ESG’s
* Women Inspire Sustainable Japan event – Oct 16 in AkiTakata, Hiroshima & Nov at FABRIC in Tokyo

About Inbound Ambassador

* Women in Law Japan Event – Sustainability and ESG’s – what it means for you
* Re-Use Hawaii Organization in Honolulu (Oahu) and the Big Island – Deconstruction and resale of useful building materials for benefit of people, planet and profits
Walk-thru tour of Re-use Hawai’i Summer 2022:
*One Young World
* Online Sustainability Courses with JJWalsh

Online Sustainability Seminars with JJWalsh

* Fresh Perspectives on Sustainability in Hawaii – JJWalsh on Medium
* Hacking Sustainability BCCJ
* Hawaii’s Plastic Bag Ban & other issues for sustainability posts & podcasts:

Sustainability in Hawaii – Hurdles, Highlights & Lessons for Japan

* Azby Brown interview about his book wonderful book JUST ENOUGH – lessons from Japan

Updates on the latest sustainability focused events, products and projects – 30 min discussion between Tove Kinooka co-founder of Global Perspectives in Yokohama & JJWalsh founder of Inbound Ambassador in Hiroshima.

Tove Kinooka co-founder of Global Perspectives KK in Tokyo and a Director of the One Young World Japan program.

JJWalsh is founder of Inbound Ambassador and host of the regularly livestreamed interviews with “good people doing great things” Seeking Sustainability in Japan talkshow-podcast series.